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 Sun Dominant

a magnifying glass Key Phrases:

  High-energy; Confident; Creative; Fun;

Inspiring; Leadership; Leo-like;

 (In some cases Child-like); Enthusiastic; Political


Everyone has a dominant PlanetSign and House. Dominance is calculated by a number of factors present in one's Natal Chart

With Sun being dominant, these individuals are characterized by their above-average vitality, drive, initiative, self-assurance, and positive outlook.

A Sun dominant personality has a lot of self-confidence, making them attractive in the eyes of other people even if they aren’t natural beauties.

For those whose Sun is strongest, everything is done with a theatrical flair, winning others as followers with their warmth and gravitas, similarly as our actual Sun leads (or drags) the rest of the planets through the cosmos with its gravitational force. Their favorite place to be is in the spotlight, receiving accolades and recognition from the public.

They tend to be attracted to official positions, such as those in government or politics, or as deputies appointed by important persons. They like to exercise authority and are happiest when before the public, being noticed, awarded, and acclaimed.

More often than not they become a leader, or the head of something, even if the leadership is over a few people. On the job, they may not currently be the head boss. lf not, they are surely purposefully climbing the ranks to foreman, supervisor, or head of some department. Administration and executive work appeal to them.

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The Sun rules politics, individuals in authority or superiors, people who employ others, gold, and the male sex in general.

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Financial gain

A powerful Sun is one of the vocational indicators needed in charts for the following vocations: entertainer, politician, playground director, radiation tester, radio or television performer, biochemist, financier, foreman, administrative executive, project manager, executive producer.


Note: This description is intended for those who's Dominant Planet is vastly more powerful than their 2nd or 3rd most powerful Planets. A somewhat equally powerful Planet in one's chart can greatly negate most points made above.

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