Mercury House 11

Mercury shown in the 11th House sector in the sky

Mercury in the 11th House

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Proficient in Public speaking;

Curiosity about community and humanitarian matters; 

 Loves exchanging ideas and participating in group discussions.

The 11th House is the House of community, friendships, and aspirations.  This House represents our connections with groups, communities, and social networks. It governs friendships, social ideals, and our involvement in collective endeavors. The 11th House also relates to our aspirations, goals, and the pursuit of our hopes and dreams. It encourages us to embrace teamwork, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas.

When Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, is in the 11th House, it influences our way of thinking about community, friendships, and aspirations. People with this placement have intellectual and social connections, valuing the exchange of ideas within groups. They possess excellent communication skills, especially in group settings. They are curious about community and humanitarian matters and exhibit innovative thinking in collective endeavors.

With Mercury in the 11th House, you thrive in group settings and value intellectual and social connections. Your excellent communication skills allow you to engage with others effectively within a collective context. You enjoy participating in group discussions and sharing ideas and insights.

You possess a natural curiosity about community and humanitarian matters. You are interested in making a positive impact and contributing to the collective well-being. Your innovative thinking allows you to approach collective endeavors from fresh and unique perspectives.

You excel in teamwork and collaboration, utilizing your communication skills to foster harmonious and productive group dynamics. Your ability to exchange ideas and participate actively in group discussions makes you a valuable asset in collective projects.

In the realm of friendships and aspirations, you form meaningful connections within your social networks. You are drawn to groups and communities that align with your interests and ideals. Careers that involve teamwork, networking, community organizing, social activism, or any field that allows you to participate in collective endeavors and exchange ideas may be well-suited for you. Your ability to communicate effectively and contribute to group dynamics propels you towards the realization of your aspirations and goals.

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