Mercury House 5

Mercury shown within a Astrological House wheel highlighting the 5th House

Mercury in the 5th House

a magnifying glass icon Key Phrases:

Articulate in creative expression;

Quick thinker in matters of romance and play;

Intellectual curiosity about arts and entertainment;

Excels in teaching or working with children;

Loves intellectual games and puzzles;


The 5th House is the House of pleasure, creativity, romance, leisure, and children.  This House represents our hobbies, our self-expression, places of pleasure, entertainment, and amusement, such as the presentation of the fine arts, films, or drama, sports and concerts, recreational areas, hobbies, and leisure. It is associated with children (and the making of children) and maps youth and the school or the ideal place where we return to create without judgment. It rules casual dating, extramarital affairs, gambling or speculation, and the stock market.

When Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, is in the 5th House, it influences our way of thinking about our creative expression, romance, and leisure activities. People with this placement tend to use their intellect to understand and express their creative and playful side. They may be curious about arts, entertainment, and children's education, and may excel in communication involving these topics.

If you have Mercury in the 5th House, you have a need to prove your intelligence and to use that intelligence in creating things of a mental nature — brain children, as it were. Games of strategy and skill that challenge your intellect are part of what you live for. 

You desire to communicate your thoughts in a clever, inspiring, and dramatic manner. Teaching children or young adults may provide quite a lift for you.

Romances must involve someone with whom you can communicate intelligently and relate mentally, or you will feel alone. You're more likely to be sapiosexual than just about anyone else. For you, sexiness is in the brain.

In the realm of career and vocation, roles that require an understanding of arts, creativity, children's education, or entertainment could be a good fit. You may have considerable acting, writing, or speaking ability. This could include careers in arts education, entertainment industry, child psychology, or any other field that involves creativity, fun, and self-expression.

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