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Pisces Dominant

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Compassionate; Artistic; Intuitive;

Gentle; Wise; Musical; Soothing.


Pisces Energy

Mode Element Rulership
Mutable Water



Adaptable Emotional




Key Characteristics

Dominant  Signs, Planetsand Houses are calculated by a number of factors present in one's Natal Chart.

Those who are Pisces Dominant possess a natural wisdom and deep understanding of the world, often with a spiritual or philosophical leaning.

Impressionability, adaptability, and versatility strongly mark this temperament.

Their kaleidoscopic subconscious mind captures bits of pulsing color from every experience and weaves them into portraits of human compassion as their creative imagination operates to answer the silent distress call of those in need.

All thoughts, feelings, and actions are sensitive to perception, inspiration, and intuition. Therefore, the people that they associate with and the situations that they find themselves in become important in regard to their emotions of security and accomplishment. 

Under pressure, criticism, or disapproval, Pisces wilts. They detest hard work that involves thinking critically, following precise procedures, or dealing with specifics and facts.

They enjoy participating fully in the joys and sorrows of people. Power takes a back seat to experience. They serve for love, not duty, and sacrifice their own interests for the welfare of others. Praise elicits their best efforts, and their talents express to their utmost in places that are warm and friendly.

Those with Pisces Dominant are naturally empathetic and often possess a strong sense of intuition.

Their compassionate nature drives them to help others, and they have a unique ability to understand different perspectives. 

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In relationships, Pisces soothing presence provides comfort and emotional support. They are devoted partners who cherish intimate connections. However, their idealism can lead to disappointment if reality doesn't meet fantasy.

Pisces benefits from a partner who provides stability, structure and rational thinking to balance their dreamy nature. Shared creativity, spirituality and empathy strengthen the bond.

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In their career, they excel in roles that involve helping others or creative expression. Pisces is famously known for its artistic talent and are often drawn to the arts and creative pursuits. 

They prefer roles that provide autonomy and avoid rigid structure. Pisces can excel when inspired, but may need support staying focused on routine tasks. Careers in healthcare, social work, or expression of spirituality suit them well.



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Potential Challenges

Their main challenges lie in their tendency to absorb the emotions of others, which can sometimes lead to feelings of overwhelm or confusion. They may also struggle with setting boundaries and need to learn to prioritize their own needs and feelings.


Note: This description is intended for those who's Dominant Sign is vastly more powerful than their 2nd or 3rd most powerful Signs. A somewhat equally powerful Sign in one's chart can greatly negate most points made above.


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