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Capricorn Dominant

a magnifying glass Key Phrases:

Ambitious; Disciplined; Patient; Responsible;

Practical; Self-reliant; Traditional.


 Capricorn Energy

Mode Element Rulership
Cardinal Earth Saturn
Initiating Grounded Disciplined


 Key Characteristics

Dominant  Signs, Planetsand Houses are calculated by a number of factors present in one's Natal Chart.

Those with Capricorn Dominant are the pragmatic realists and master planners of the Zodiac.  

The Capricorn motive is based on the need for security and achieving their goals, often through hard work and discipline. They value tradition and often take on a serious, responsible persona.

They are often conservative, believing in tried and tested methods of doing things. They are typically patient and emotionally stable, often making them the rock to lean on during difficult times.

Capricorn dislikes impracticality, flights of fancy, public displays of emotion, and disobedience.

They recognize and accept barriers and limitations that might phase others because they measure their worth by visible proof rather than by potentialities. Because they believe experience is the best teacher, they are apt to shoulder any responsibility and work long, hard hours to prove it.  Their ambition builds every temporary failure into one of the rungs on their ladder to success.

When their Capricorn energy is not properly managed, they may become pessimistic or overly reserved and detached. However, when harnessed effectively, their determination and strong will power can lead them to accomplish great things.

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In relationships, Capricorn dominants seek partners who share their traditional values and are willing to commit long-term. They appreciate loyal, dependable partners who take the relationship seriously. Capricorns are not prone to casual dating or short-term flings. They want something substantial that will stand the test of time.

While ardently devoted to their loved ones, Capricorns can sometimes be rigid or demanding in relationships. They may impose high standards on their partners or be overly critical if their expectations aren't met. Capricorns need to balance their disciplined nature with compassion and flexibility.

Capricorns highly value family and are loyal providers who take their responsibilities as spouse or parent very seriously. They seek to create stable, secure homelives built on strong foundations.

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In their career, Capricorn dominants are often excellent managers, organizers, and administrators. They thrive in positions of authority that allow them to implement their vision, and they excel in professions that require strategic planning, persistence, and careful attention to detail.  They typically do well in fields like business, finance, management, and government.

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Capricorn is associated with the knees, bones, and skin. Its representatives are characterized by their endurance and ability to weather any storm.

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Potential Challenges

Capricorn's main challenges are balancing work versus fun and learning to be more flexible. They may become too focused on advancement and neglect relationships. Capricorns need to remember the importance of downtime and caring for their emotional needs.

Overall, Capricorn dominant individuals achieve much through self-discipline, but need to avoid becoming too rigid or critical. Their patience and determination make them quietly powerful forces who steadily accomplish their ambitions.

Setting aside time for hobbies, creative projects or spiritual development provides balance for Capricorns. They should avoid becoming too focused on status, duty and ambition at the expense of inner peace and emotional renewal. Taking life a bit less seriously can be deeply rejuvenating.


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