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Sagittarius Dominant



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Sagittarius Dominant

 Key Phrases:

Optimistic; Adventurous; Independent; Honest; Philosophical; Generous.


Key Characteristics

One’s most powerful Signs give a picture of the natural, instinctive motivation (likes and dislikes, attitudes and reactions) and enable one to judge whether or not a vocation will bring personal satisfaction.

Sagittarius Dominant individuals are full of life and possess a zest for new experiences and ideas. They have an almost infectious enthusiasm and an insatiable curiosity. An urge to grow and broaden mentally inspires them to ask questions and then speculate upon the answers constantly.

They visualize conceptions in their wholeness rather than in their parts. They bypass observable facts for their own notions as they think things out from a given premise to a natural conclusion. They are essentially intellectuals with an active intuition; mental journeys allow them to get away from themselves and their environment so that they can broaden their horizons.

Sagittarius dislikes confinement, deception, and routine. They dislike being disappointed about their ideals, political diplomacy, talk that skirts the point, formal etiquette, and closed-in areas or places of restraint and confinement. Their patience is tried with the natural growth of plans and projects.

Their restlessness can lead them to become bored easily and constantly seek new experiences and knowledge. They are at their best when called upon to make lightning-quick decisions, to use physical and mental activity, and to engage in the zest of an argument. They prefer effectiveness rather than elegance. They like to consider both their life and their work as a game to be won. They need recreation because at times their intensity tends to burn up their vitality.

They are often humorous and jovial, making them great company.

They are forthright and honest, but sometimes they may be too blunt and say things for shock-value, unintentionally hurting others' feelings with their frankness.

Their love for freedom and independence often leads them to prefer a life of exploration and adventure, over a life of restriction and routine.


In relationships, they are honest and straightforward. They value their freedom and can be wary of commitment, but once they commit, they are loyal and fun-loving partners. They need a partner who can understand their need for freedom and their love for truth and learning.


In their career, Sagittarius Dominants excel in professions that allow them to utilize their quest for knowledge and love for exploration. They are well-suited for roles in academia, research, travel, or any field that allows them to explore new ideas and cultures.


Sagittarius is often linked to the hips, thighs, and liver. They may be prone to issues related to these areas, such as hip joint problems, muscle imbalances, injuries, or liver-related imbalances. Sagittarians are known for their restless and active energy, and they have a natural inclination for physical activity and sports. However, they should be mindful of overexertion and the need for proper rest and recovery.

Potential Challenges

Their main challenges are to learn to commit and to consider others' feelings before speaking. Their straightforwardness and restlessness may sometimes lead to misunderstandings or reckless behaviors.


Note: This description is intended for those who's Dominant Sign is vastly more powerful than their 2nd or 3rd most powerful Signs. A somewhat equally powerful Sign in one's chart can greatly negate most points made above.


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