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Aries Sun and

Pisces Moon Personality

An overview for those with Aries Sun and Pisces Moon.


Independent yet vulnerable; spiritual pioneer; altruistic; eccentric; sympathetic; kind and humorous; intuitive; social conscience; psychological insight; loves people; prone to depression; forgiving. 

Combination Theme

You are not at all typical of an Aries Sun individual. When Pisces (the last sign) mixes with Aries (the first sign), we get a highly ambitious, spiritual and socially conscious being. You're both independent and imaginative, and one of the friendliest of those in the Aries tribe. Pisces Moon imbues a highly sentimental side to your personality, which increases your ability to fight back the typically blunt and brute force nature of Aries.

You are usually artistic and creative, as well as ambitious enough to maximize your artistic abilities. You often choose a profession where you can be expressive or artistic, and your Sun keeps you persistent and determined enough to become successful in your creative endeavors.


Rich imagination and universal outlook; highly intuitive; friendly, accepting and understanding nature; ability to work and mix with all types of people.


Tendency to be impractical and evasive; proneness to drift too much and waste energy in daydreams, and let your idealism turn into gullibility. Tendency to take on other people's problems when you're overwhelmed.


Matters of the heart emphasize the contradiction between your intense romanticism and logical realism. You have a degree of emotional allure in close relationships that comes from being involved but detached. Though you may not realize it, you often give mixed signals to would-be lovers - your Piscean energy constantly keeps them wondering if they're in the friend-zone or not.

You frequently want to give the object of your affection everything you have, yet you are unable to overlook all of their imperfections. Your sensitivity also makes you rebellious; when you feel mistreated or confined, you're inclined to escape to a utopian fantasy world.

In general, you are likable, loveable, and devoted to your loved ones in your own way. Compared to most Ariens, you are more sensuous and sexually expressive. Piscean energy makes you more susceptible to the hurts felt in romantic relationships since you always hold your relationships to high standards and are frequently disappointed. You just need to understand that you are resilient enough to endure the ups and downs of love as long as you stay grounded in reality.


As an Aries Sun Pisces Moon, your approach to parenting blends the assertive, independent energy of Aries with the compassionate, intuitive nature of Pisces.

With your Aries Sun, you possess a bold, assertive, and enthusiastic outlook on life. As a parent, you instill these qualities in your children, encouraging them to be confident, courageous, and to assert themselves. You teach them to pursue their passions, take initiative, and embrace life's adventures. You create an environment that fosters independence, encourages them to take risks, and empowers them to be leaders. However, be mindful of your Aries tendency to be impulsive or impatient. It's important to teach your children the value of patience, self-control, and considering the consequences of their actions.

Your Pisces Moon brings a compassionate, intuitive, and imaginative touch to your parenting style. You have a deep understanding of your children's emotions and sensitivities, and you provide a safe and nurturing environment for them to express themselves. You teach them the importance of empathy, kindness, and caring for others. Your creative and intuitive nature encourages them to explore their imagination and connect with their spiritual side. However, watch out for your Piscean inclination to be overly sensitive or prone to escapism. It's equally important to teach your children resilience and the ability to confront challenges head-on.

With your Aries drive and Pisces empathy, you guide your children to be assertive, compassionate individuals. You instill in them the spirit of confidence, coupled with a deep understanding of emotions and the power of imagination.


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