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Enneagram Type 9: The Peacemaker



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The Strengths, Weaknesses, Fears, Motivations and Love Style

Enneagram Type 9:

"The Peacemaker"

 Key Phrases

  • Easygoing and supportive
  • Seeks peace and harmony
  • Avoids conflict
  • Accommodating and accepting
  • Struggles with inertia and inaction

Enneagram Type 9 is known as the "Peacemaker". People with this personality type are easygoing, supportive, and peace-loving. They prefer to avoid conflict and tend to be accommodating and accepting.



9's Strengths

Enneagram Type 9 individuals are known for their ability to create a peaceful environment. They are supportive, accepting, and non-judgmental. They value harmony and are often skilled at mediating conflicts.

  • Peaceful and Harmonious: Type 9s are known for their ability to create and maintain peace and harmony in their relationships and environments. They strive to avoid conflicts and work towards resolving disagreements in a calm and diplomatic manner.

  • Easygoing and Patient: Type 9s have a natural ease about them and tend to go with the flow. They are patient individuals who can adapt well to various situations and remain composed even in stressful circumstances.

  • Empathetic and Understanding: Type 9s have a deep sense of empathy and understanding towards others. They are skilled at putting themselves in someone else's shoes, which allows them to connect with people on a deeper level and offer support and comfort.

  • Mediators and Peacemakers: Type 9s have a remarkable ability to mediate and find common ground between conflicting parties. They are skilled at understanding multiple perspectives and can bring people together to find mutually beneficial solutions.

  • Accepting and Non-judgmental: Type 9s have a non-judgmental approach towards others. They accept people as they are, without imposing their own beliefs or values. This acceptance creates a safe and inclusive space for others to express themselves freely.



9's Weaknesses

Despite their strengths, Enneagram Type 9s can also exhibit certain weaknesses. They can be complacent and resistant to change, which can lead to stagnation. Their desire for peace can also lead to avoidance of conflict or neglect of their own needs.

  • Tendency to Avoid Conflict: Type 9s often avoid confrontation and conflict, sometimes to their own detriment. Their desire for peace and harmony can lead them to suppress their own needs and opinions, making it challenging for them to assert themselves when necessary.

  • Difficulty with Setting Boundaries: Type 9s may struggle with setting clear boundaries and asserting their personal limits. They may prioritize maintaining peace over advocating for their own needs, which can result in them feeling overwhelmed or taken advantage of.

  • Procrastination and Lack of Initiative: Type 9s can struggle with taking the initiative and may have a tendency to procrastinate. They may avoid taking action or making decisions, preferring instead to stay in their comfort zone and go along with the status quo.

  • Resistance to Change: Type 9s may have a resistance to change, preferring stability and predictability. They may become complacent and resist necessary changes or opportunities for growth, which can hinder their personal development and limit their potential.

  • Difficulty Identifying Their Own Desires: Type 9s often prioritize the desires and needs of others over their own. They may struggle to identify their own passions and goals, as they tend to merge with the preferences of those around them. This can lead to a sense of inner disconnection and unfulfilled potential.


9's Basic Fears

Enneagram Type 9 individuals grapple with a core fear of conflict and disconnection.

They have a deep-seated aversion to interpersonal tension or discord. The fear of being overlooked, overlooked, or experiencing conflict drives them to prioritize maintaining inner and outer peace. They often go to great lengths to avoid confrontation, compromise their own needs, and merge with the desires and opinions of others.

Their fear of disconnection or being separated from others pushes them to seek harmony and unity in their relationships and environments.


9's Motivations

Enneagram Type 9s are primarily motivated by a desire for inner and outer peace, unity, and harmony.

They seek to maintain a sense of tranquility and avoid any form of conflict or disturbance. Their motivation stems from a need to find common ground and ensure that everyone feels included and heard. They value cooperation, understanding, and creating a sense of balance in their interactions and surroundings.

The motivation to preserve relationships, promote consensus, and foster a peaceful environment drives their actions and decision-making processes. They strive to create a world where everyone's needs are acknowledged and respected, cultivating a sense of interconnectedness and serenity.



Healthy vs Unhealthy 9's

When healthy, Enneagram 9s use their strength of peace-making to build harmonious relationships and environments. They are accepting and supportive, inspiring others with their ability to bring people together. They use their influence to reduce conflict and promote understanding.  They are peaceful but not complacent, accommodating but not neglectful of their own needs, and supportive yet assertive when needed.

On the other hand, when unhealthy, Enneagram 9s can become complacent and neglectful of their own needs. They may avoid conflict to the point of neglecting important issues. They may also become excessively passive, ignoring the feelings and needs of others and themselves. They may struggle with inertia, resisting changes and remaining in unhealthy situations.



Growth Recommendations for Type 9

  • Practice assertiveness: Allow yourself to express your desires and establish boundaries. This can lead to healthier relationships and a more fulfilling life.

  • Embrace conflict: Try to face conflicts instead of avoiding them. This can help to resolve issues and improve personal growth.

  • Stay engaged: Resist the temptation to disengage or retreat from life's challenges. Stay active and involved.



Expressing Love

When a Type 9 loves someone, they often express it through their accepting and non-judgmental nature. They show their love by creating a harmonious environment and by being supportive and accepting of their partner's needs and wants. They strive to make their loved ones feel understood and accepted, often going to great lengths to maintain peace and comfort.

Type 9s are also great listeners and often show their affection by attentively listening to their partners, validating their feelings, and providing a calming presence. They may shy away from confrontation and will often seek to keep the peace, even at their own expense.

However, due to their desire to avoid conflict and maintain internal peace, they may suppress their own desires or needs, which can lead to passive-aggressiveness or disengagement. They can struggle with inertia or complacency, avoiding discomfort or disturbances at all costs.

Despite these challenges, at their best, Type 9s offer a relationship with peace, stability, and acceptance. They express love by promoting a harmonious environment, offering a calming presence, and accepting their partners for who they are. In a relationship with a Type 9, love often manifests as a peaceful companionship based on mutual respect, acceptance, and a shared desire for harmony and comfort.

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Betty Baker M.A. Psych, M.Ed

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Betty Baker is an awarded marriage and family therapist and contributor to the internationally renowned PeaceBuilders® Program - a science-based, research-validated violence prevention curriculum and professional development program for children, grades pre-K to 12.