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Taurus Dominant

Taurus Dominant

 Key Phrases:

Steadfast; Patient; Reliable; Loyal; Sensual; Practical.


Key Characteristics

Taurus' motivation has its roots in actions anchored to a purpose.  Those with Taurus Dominant are typically consistent, dependable, and practical.  

They enjoy comfort and luxury, yet they also appreciate and will work hard for the basic necessities in life.

Their objective is to maintain stability and reliability in their lives. They resist changes and prefer to keep things as they are.

Taurus dislikes disruptions, being rushed, and unnecessary risks. They have a strong affinity towards nature, beauty, and the arts.

They are warm and affectionate, love to indulge in the comforts of life, and have a distinct taste for the finer things.

Taurus is determined, persistent and values security in their lives. They can, however, become stubborn if their sense of security is threatened.

Taurus is the Earth Sign that enjoys making the beautiful useful, being meticulous, obeying directions, and completing tasks.

They value self-discipline, emotional stability, routine and practical functions, as well as the possibility of meeting the fundamental requirements of others.



In relationships, Taurus Dominant individuals are known to be extremely loyal, patient and generous. They cherish stability and security in their relationships, often taking the practical and traditional route to love.



In their career, Taurus dominants are best suited for roles that demand patience, consistency, and a touch of creativity. They do well in fields like finance, agriculture, arts, or culinary industry.



Taurus rules the neck and the throat. This can often result in a soothing voice and a knack for communication. They value tangible experiences and are often driven by their senses.


Potential Challenges

Their main challenges lie in overcoming their inherent resistance to change and their occasional stubbornness. They may need to work on being more open to new ideas and flexibility.


Note: This description is intended for those who's Dominant Sign is significantly more powerful than their 2nd or 3rd most powerful Signs. Even a somewhat equally (but less powerful) Sign in one's chart can greatly negate many points made above.


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