Taurus Dominant

Taurus Dominant

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Steadfast; Patient; Reliable;

Loyal; Sensual; Practical;

Possessive; Lazy; Self-indulgent.


Key Characteristics

Dominant  Signs, Planetsand Houses are calculated by a number of factors present in one's Natal Chart.

Practical and Reliable: Individuals with a Taurus dominant personality tend to be very practical and reliable. They prefer stability and predictability over change and are often the ones people rely on in a crisis.

Patient and Persistent: Patience is a hallmark of the Taurus personality. They are willing to wait for the things they want and are persistent in their goals. This persistence often leads to success in long-term endeavors.

Loves Comfort and Sensual Pleasures: Taurus individuals have a strong appreciation for the finer things in life. They enjoy sensual pleasures and comfort, be it in food, art, or their environment.

Strong Connection to Nature: Many with a Taurus dominant personality feel a deep connection to nature and the Earth. They may find peace and rejuvenation in natural settings.

Stubborn and Resistant to Change: One of the more challenging traits of a Taurus dominant personality is their stubbornness. They can be resistant to change, especially if it threatens their sense of stability and comfort.

Materialistic Tendencies: There can be a materialistic streak in Taurus individuals. They often value physical possessions and may work hard to acquire and maintain them.

Cautious and Conservative: They often exhibit a cautious approach to life, preferring to weigh all options before making decisions. This can sometimes lead to a conservative outlook on life.

Strong Need for Security: Security, both emotional and financial, is essential for Taurus dominant individuals. They strive to create a stable and secure environment for themselves and their loved ones.

Down-to-Earth and Realistic: Taurus personalities are often down-to-earth and realistic. They prefer practical solutions to problems and are grounded in their approach to life.


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Loyalty is a strong suit for Taurus personalities. Once they commit to a relationship, whether romantic, platonic, or professional, they are usually very faithful and dependable.


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In their career, Taurus dominants are best suited for roles that demand patience, consistency, and a touch of creativity. They do well in fields like finance, agriculture, arts, or culinary industry.


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Taurus rules the neck and the throat. This can often result in a soothing voice and a knack for communication. They value tangible experiences and are often driven by their senses.


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Potential Challenges

Their main challenges lie in overcoming their inherent resistance to change and their occasional stubbornness. They may need to work on being more open to new ideas and flexibility.


Note: This description is intended for those who's Dominant Sign is significantly more powerful than their 2nd or 3rd most powerful Signs. Even a somewhat equally (but less powerful) Sign in one's chart can greatly negate many points made above.


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