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Understanding Cosmodynes

A Complete Guide:

a depiction of the positive and negative astrological energies of a person


But First!-

The Problem with other Astrological Reports:

Have you ever wondered why some astrological descriptions in reports that you've read seem contradictory, vague, or just plain untrue?

That's because each element in those reports are described in total isolation, without considering the other elements in your chart.

Most online reports don't consider the power or harmony/discord of the planetary configurations - they just give you the same information in the same order as everyone else.


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We solve this problem in a whole new way...  


AI for Astrology

Enter Cosmodynes - our mathematical algorithms that assess astrological Power and Harmony (or Discord) for each astrological element in your Natal Chart.

Based on the early works of Elbert Benjamin and current works of Allen Edwall, MatchMachine's algorithms break down your Natal Chart as an Astrologer would, but instead of relying on the individual experience of an Astrologer, MatchMachine assigns mathematical values to each element and aspect in your Chart and memorizes them, eradicating human (Astrologer) error - there is no forgetting all of the characteristics of one chart element when comparing it to another.

Because of this, MatchMachine's (Free!) reports can provide instant and accurate assessments of harmony and power for everything in your chart and order your report's descriptions by the most important, the most powerful.

By ordering your report descriptions by the most powerful elements first, you can gain a true perspective for what matters most in your Chart.

Everyone has so called "bad" placements or aspects in our charts, but if such things have little power (placed at the lower end of your report), there is no reason to obsess over them.  It is the higher powered elements in our reports that one should focus upon, using those energies to excel, or to overcome one's inherent blind spots and weaknesses.


a dynamic picture showing planetary power

a graphic showing Astrological Power and Harmony


Cosmodynes not only provide a mathematical understanding of the most Powerful and Harmonious, as well as the most Discordant elements of your chart, they enable MatchMachine to order your descriptions by the highest power (Natal Reports), or highest discord (Synastry Reports) arming you with more knowledge for where your energy is best spent.  

 a profile of a woman and the cosmos

Cosmodynes show where

you are most powerful

 MatchMachine uses Cosmodynes to help determine which energies dominate your chart and which influences deserve your attention - cutting through the confusion of contradictory descriptions in reports.

For example, you might be a Libra Sun (typically described as sociable, diplomatic and relatively unemotional), but if your Moon is in Scorpio and it is more powerful than your Sun in Libra, then much of that "pleasant social-butterfly" dynamic flies out of the window.  With a powerful Scorpio Moon, you are more prone to be introverted, guarded, and much more moody than your average Libran.

In this example, one would look at the Power and Harmony scores for both their Sun and Moon and determine how much more one description outweighs the other. If the Scorpio Moon is most powerful in the chart, then that description should be given the most consideration in light of any contradictory ideas between individual descriptions.

Because MatchMachine's Natal Reports show your your highest powered Planets first, you know which descriptions to give the most weight to.


Applying Cosmodynes to Aspects

MatchMachine's Natal Report also orders your Aspects by Highest to Lowest Power, enabling you to confirm where your energies are most prominent and where your energy is best spent.


a photo of a printed Natal Chart


For instance, if you see that your most powerful Aspect is 'Mercury blending with Uranus', then you should know that continuing to concentrate on innovations (that you're undoubtedly already working on) will bring you tremendous growth and progress towards who you are meant to be, and where you are more likely to find your most success. 


Arming yourself with this kind of knowledge can not only inspire you to new heights, it might save you from trouble and heartache down the road.


an icon of Saturn

Dominant Planets:

Your Greatest Energy

The Planet with the most Cosmodynes is considered the ruler of your chart. It symbolizes the most potent energy and indicates where you can most easily develop your abilities and where your environment will give you the least resistance.

The most powerful (dominant) and harmonious planets show areas that are likely to bring good fortune. 


Let's use Shaquille O'Neal as an example.

a photo of Shaquille O'Neal

Photo Credit: (Shaq's Instagram)

Shaq is a Pisces Sun.  The Sun Sign is the sign everyone knows - Shaq 'is a Pisces'.

The Pisces Sun archetype is kind and often cuddly, (and sometimes lazy and flaky) and is associated with poets, artists, social workers and healers of all kinds.

Yes, Shaq is a sweet man, (and Kobe called him "lazy"), but his Sun (in Pisces) is actually the weakest "planet" in his chart.

a depiction of a dumbbell superimposed on the planet Mars

However, in stark contrast, Shaquille's Cosmodynes reveal that Mars is his Dominant Planetnot his Pisces Sun.

Mars is known as the God of war, aggression, athleticism, impulsivity, and action.  These attributes truly reflect the essence of Shaq's character, and his record in the NBA, not the "wishy-washy and cuddly" characterizations of a typical Pisces Sun person.


Shaq is not "normal" 


Moreover, Shaq's Mars in Taurus (the bull), is in his First House, (the House that rules your body, physical appearance and general temperament) - making him physically huge (like a bull), he's not a lanky string-bean like most other 7-footers.

Shaquille is an extremely aggressive (Mars Dominant) physical force of nature and is not afraid to throw his weight around on the court as many other 7-footers are afraid. 

While it's pretty obvious that anyone of Shaq's stature would be successful in the NBA, it's important to remember that it's not just his size that made him a star, it was his brute-force Mars energy that made the difference and propelled him to be known as one of the greatest players in NBA history. 

a link to a youtube interview with Kobe Bryant

As Kobe Bryant once said of Shaq (here):

"Generally guys of that size are a little timid, and they don't want to be tall, they don't want to be big...this dude did not care, he was mean, he was nasty, he was competitive, he was vindictive."

-Kobe Bryant

Shaq doesn't even make the top tallest players list in NBA history, but because he embraced his body, and his naturally aggressive essence, he became world famous in basketball.


a graphic showing the 12 house system in astrology

Dominant Houses:

Where to expect success

Your most potent and harmonious Houses denote areas in your life where you'll find it easier to pursue your vocation, and predict the level of harmony or discord you may encounter.

For example, your most powerful House might be the 5th House (fun, joy, creativity, entertainment, children) - you would be most successful in areas involving the 5th House, such as being an entertainer, an artist or being a particularly great parent.

a graphic depicting the astrological power of the 1st house

Using Shaq as an example, his most powerful and harmonious House is the 1st House (1st House Dominant).

Shaq's success came from knowing how to use and maximize his Mars in the 1st House.  He was extraordinarily aggressive (Mars) with his body (the 1st House) to maximize his success.


Dominant Signs:

Your Natural Instincts

Signs shed light on your instinctive motivations, attitudes, and reactions.

They give insight into whether a specific path, like a career choice, will bring personal satisfaction.

For example, your most powerful Sign might be Taurus, imbuing you with a natural ability to see the true value of all things material.  With this innate talent, you might be successful when investing, or working in fields that require appraisals of things of material value.

Aries Highlighted as Strongest Sign in the House Wheel

Again, using Shaq as an example, his most powerful Sign is Aries (even though he's 'a Pisces') - as discussed above, most Pisces Suns are accepting and cuddly; and while Shaq is probably a cuddle-bug with his closest people, few NBA players played as aggressively as he. (One of Shaq's many nicknames is "Superman").


Our (Free) Reports

are Better

Sign Up Today!

$50 Astrological reports (found elsewhere) on the Internet start with the traditional order - Sun, Moon Mercury, Venus, Mars, and so on.

That is the wrong order, unless that is the order in which your planets are the most powerful (from highest to lowest - which is as unlikely as winning the lotto).

MatchMachine's (free) reports show you your most powerful placements first in your reports - enabling you to see which energies are most at play in your own chart and charts between you and others.  

When it comes to compatibility reporting (Synastry Reports), we use the same logic - you see the most important (the most Powerful) aspects first.

Why pay attention to a particularly bad aspect if there isn't any Power to it?  Even the most promising synastry charts have a few irritating or downright awful aspects, but if the power for that aspect is low compared other aspects, why let that keep you from pursing happiness?  Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.  

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At MatchMachine, it is our mission to provide singles with the most information possible, in the safest way possible, so that you can make informed decisions in taking that first step to introduce yourself to people who will truly make you happy. 



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Ben Baker, CEO

About the Author

Ben has practiced Astrology for over 35 years and is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT) Practitioner. Ben holds 11 patents for the core functions that all dating sites now use today.  See Ben's Bio for more info.