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OSOS Older Sister of Sister(s)

a collage of famous Older Sisters of Sisters

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Older Sister

of Sister(s)


An Oldest Sister of Sisters is a high performing individual that pushes to "set the bar" in nearly everything she does. She's an organized (and often controlling) perfectionist that has great leadership ability.

More often than not, O-SOSs tend to shy away from new experiences. They would rather perfect their routines and closely organized lives than throw a wrench into the works. Relaxing can be difficult for these sisters because relaxing requires relinquishing control, at least for a moment.

It must be noted that O-SOSs are somewhat of an enigma when it comes to romantic compatibilities. On the one hand, they are First Born's, or at least the oldest of the same sex - making them capable and needy of having control over others. With this trait, they often butt heads with First Born males; each futilely desiring to control the other.

On the other hand, an O-SOS may have the occasional desire to be submissive to an older male of authority. In theory, when her baby sister arrived, mom was too busy to give the O-SOS the total attention that she once enjoyed. Big Sis had Dad though, and Dad was there to compensate. Her focus, understanding and identity with males of authority sometimes lead her to seek out those having First Born traits. It's a toss-up and something to note when searching for matches.

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Her Best (Hetero) Matches:

Y-BOS Younger Brother of Sisters (#1)

Last Born

Middle Child   

Y-BOB Younger Brother of Brothers  

Twin - With a sister or brother


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Her Worst (Hetero) Matches:

O-BOB Older Brother of Brother(s)

O-BOS  Older Brother of Sisters



Famous Older Sister of Sisters depicted above:

Kaley Cuoco, Princess Catherine, Beyoncé’, Dakota Fanning, Kate McKinnon

Amy SchumerVenus Williams, Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, Emily Deschanel

JK Rowling, Penelope CruzHillary Duff, Kourtney Kardashian, Michelle Pfeiffer


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