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Scorpio Sun and

Pisces Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Scorpio Sun and Pisces Moon.


Often aloof yet warm-hearted; vivid imagination; hard-working dedication; shrewd strategist; emotional intensity; persuasive; prone to addictions; love of the mysterious; a gift for caring and healing.

Combination Theme

You truly are kind and have a tender heart, but God save anyone who selfishly crosses you, threatens your freedom or harms your loved ones!

Being double-Water, you’re extremely adaptive to any situation that comes your way. You’re more tuned-in to other people’s feelings than just about anyone. From birth, you’ve known the difference between right and wrong and are aware of the evils that exist in this world. You can spot a BS-er from 10 miles away and act to protect others from him/her, though you always are mindful to not to infringe on others' free will.

You’re naturally psychic, and very creative and there’s no possible way that your chosen profession deals with just numbers (accountancy, actuaries, etc.) If this is not true, you entered your birth info incorrectly. We also bet the color purple is/has been one of your favorite colors.

*You may be saying to yourself: "Hey Hillary Clinton isn't aloof, what gives?!"  No, she is not as aloof as the average Scorp/Pisces, and it is due to her having 4 planets in Fire Signs (Leo and Sagittarius). Mars, Saturn and Pluto are in Leo, giving her the urge for leadership and the limelight.  Her Jupiter is in Sagittarius, providing her with the buoyancy required to keep fighting for her social causes.


Intense passion; deep intuition; emotional depth; powerful imagination; perseverance; magnetic presence; empathic nature.


Addiction to your emotions; lurid imagination; lack of objectivity; fondness for strategy, maneuvers (and possibly manipulation).


An intensely emotional individual, you have a highly sensitive, telepathic understanding of the unspoken subtleties in relationships. You do however, often hide this behind a seemingly cool, aloof exterior. Close, enduring, passionate personal relationships may be your most important assets in life. You see into other people's essence and deeply need to be understood in the same way.

Earth types, especially Taureans, attract you, as you need to be with someone who can contain you and give you the clear boundaries that your life may otherwise lack. You find clear-headed, bright and breezy Air types infuriatingly impersonal, yet strangely attractive, for that very reason. If, however, you have been hurt in a relationship, your yearning for an all-consuming union can give way to a desire to stand alone, be self-contained and self-sufficient.

You possess the capacity to cultivate fulfilling and pleasurable experiences in your romantic and sexual relationships. Your generosity and willingness to invest yourself emotionally are qualities that are valued. Nonetheless, it's crucial to be aware of your vulnerability to being hurt. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel emotional pain, take a moment to reflect on your own contributions or lack thereof to the relationship. By facing these aspects, you can better understand and navigate your relationships.


As a Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon, your approach to parenting combines the intense, passionate energy of Scorpio with the sensitive, dreamy nature of Pisces.

With your Scorpio Sun, you possess an intense, intuitive, and transformative outlook on life. As a parent, you bring a depth of emotions and a strong sense of loyalty to your children's upbringing. You are fiercely protective and devoted to their well-being. Your Scorpio Sun fuels your passion and determination as a parent, and you guide your children through life's challenges with resilience and strength. You encourage them to explore their own depths, embrace their authenticity, and face their fears head-on. Your Scorpio Sun also brings a sense of mystery and intrigue to your parenting, creating an environment of discovery and self-reflection.

Having a Pisces Moon adds a sensitive, empathetic, and imaginative touch to your parenting style. You have a deep emotional connection with your children and a natural ability to understand their feelings. Your Pisces influence enhances your intuition, allowing you to sense their needs even when they may not express them directly. You provide a safe and nurturing environment that encourages their creativity and imagination to flourish. Your Pisces Moon also fosters a sense of compassion and understanding, helping your children navigate the complexities of emotions and the world around them.

However, be mindful of the tendency to be overly emotional or withdrawn at times due to your Pisces Moon. It's important to find a balance between your own intense emotions and providing your children with stability and structure.

With your Scorpio intensity and Pisces sensitivity, you guide your children to be resilient, empathetic individuals. You instill in them the spirit of emotional intelligence, coupled with a sense of imagination and the ability to tap into their intuition.


Famous Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon People Depicted Above:

Marie CurieJosh PeckErica CerraOscar NunezLaura BushHillary Clinton

Dolph LundgrenOdell BeckhamWinona RyderLauren HollyJoseph SimmonsTroy Aikman

Brandi GlanvillePatrick WarburtonLou FerrignoMichael Jai WhiteLyle LovettMartin Scorsese


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