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Scorpio Sun and

Leo Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Scorpio Sun and Leo Moon.


Public and private; extrovert and introvert; bright or brooding; light yet intense; powerful; ambitious; shrewd; whole-hearted; a sense of drama and poetry; the determined pursuit of excellence.

Combination Theme

Your combination blends Scorpio’s concentration of willpower and intensity of emotion with Leo’s creativity, sense of dignity and pursuit of authority.

Both Scorpio and Leo are "Fixed Signs" - meaning that you’re rarely (if ever) swayed by others' opinions. In fact, you’re usually telling others what to think and more often than not, people listen and absorb what you have to say. You have a very strong character and a complex set of ideals. You staunchly hold your opinions because you feel you understand situations better than almost everyone else and there’s some justifiable merit to this feeling of yours.

Your weakness may be that you’re too rigid in your opinions. Yes, you really do see the world differently (and often more accurately) than everyone else. You know what motivates people (Scorpio) and know how to motivate them (Leo).


Natural powers of persuasion, magnetism and charisma; loyal and passionate; creative commitment to whatever work or cause you espouse; capacity to see and encourage light in the blackest darkness.


Ruthless pursuit of power; snobbery; intolerance of those with whom you disagree or who in any way obstruct you; willingness to ride roughshod in pursuit of your chosen goals.


You are an enthusiastic, romantic individual, and relationships are of immense importance to you. Yet, your very intensity and passionate loyalty makes it difficult for you to be "just good friends" with the opposite sex; You tend to lunge in all-or-nothing, but if this is too frightening, you can cut yourself off from getting involved at all.

When you are in a relationship, it consumes you and you expect it equally to consume your other half. During your life you may go through some dramatic changes in relationships. When young, you are likely to be very much ruled by your passions. As you grow older, you seek to go beyond sex and personal gratification, and may become converted to some kind of cause, which offers long-term satisfaction.

Your lovemaking has style, elegance, and more than a hint of glamour, and you will see to it that your partners enjoy life as much as you do, both in and out of bed.

Both Scorpio and Leo are of the fixed quality, which means that you can be very stubborn at times. Make an effort to reassess your opinions from time-to-time, and never mind admitting your mistakes.

The worst Leo fault is bossiness, so be careful that this unpleasant trait does not mar your relationships.


As a Scorpio Sun Leo Moon, your approach to parenting combines the intense, passionate energy of Scorpio with the confident, expressive nature of Leo.

With your Scorpio Sun, you possess an intense, intuitive, and transformative outlook on life. As a parent, you bring depth, passion, and determination to your children's upbringing. You have a strong sense of loyalty and protectiveness towards them. Your Scorpio Sun fuels your desire for emotional depth and understanding, and you guide your children through life's challenges with resilience and emotional strength. You encourage them to embrace their authenticity and face their fears head-on. Your Scorpio Sun also adds an element of mystery and intensity to your parenting, creating an environment of exploration and self-discovery.

Having a Leo Moon adds a confident, expressive, and charismatic touch to your parenting style. You inspire your children to embrace their individuality and express themselves with creativity and passion. Your Leo influence brings out your own sense of confidence and leadership, and you encourage your children to take center stage and shine in their own unique ways. You instill in them a sense of self-worth and teach them to celebrate their accomplishments. Your Leo Moon also enhances your ability to nurture their creativity and foster a positive self-image.

However, be mindful of the tendency to be overly dominant or seeking attention due to your Leo Moon. It's important to balance your confidence with humility and create space for your children's individuality to flourish.

With your Scorpio intensity and Leo charisma, you guide your children to be resilient, self-assured individuals. You instill in them the spirit of emotional intelligence, coupled with a sense of confidence and the ability to embrace their unique talents and passions.


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Nadine VelazquezStanley TucciSZAKirk HammettJulia RobertsMaria Shriver

Fivel StewartAlfre WoodardKurt VonnegutMegyn KellyScott WeilandRobert Patrick


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