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Scorpio Sun and

Cancer Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Scorpio Sun and Cancer Moon.


Deeply perceptive; imaginative; emotional sensitivity; charismatic; strong sense of duty; clannish; supportive; sincere; shrewd; passionate commitments; satirical; intensely guarded; secretive; strong sense of self; deep reservoirs of emotional strength.

Combination Theme

Your combination blends the raw willpower, wit and intensity of emotion of Scorpio Sun with the nurturing and security-seeking temperament of Cancer Moon. One of your primary drives in life is to protect those you love and those you lead. You’re extremely self-reliant and don’t particularly go out of your way for outside people, rather letting them come to you instead.

There’s an air of power and sexiness about you, though you often come off as mysterious or aloof to others. You’re somewhat demanding and often harsh, but have an intuitive understanding of the world and of people.

When making decisions, you prefer to rely on your intuition rather than logic laid before you. You like to dig beneath appearances and discover others true motivations more than just about any other Sun/Moon Tribe.


Intuition; resilience and emotional tenacity; courageous capacity to nurture the downtrodden; ability to "feel" where things are at; and then take appropriate action to do something about helping restore harmony.


Tendency to let subjective hunches replace objective reasoning; inclination to sink into self-pity and let negative emotions absorb you; a kind of egocentric sensitivity that insists on making the world come to you.


You have a deep need to give and receive emotional support, and therefore relationships are a central part of your life. Strongly sentimental, you may find yourself trying to re-create your childhood, wanting the bliss of total dependency, or the satisfaction of revenge for early disappointments. This can turn your loved one into an unwilling parent or a rebellious child, depending on how possessive you are - and you can be very possessive.

Sensual, affectionate and romantic, your greatest need is for emotional security. When you have this, you are the most devoted and magnetic of partners. If you are too devoted and oversensitive, however, your attentiveness becomes claustrophobic, demanding and manipulative. You need to be aware of your fanatic tendencies; although they may be too much for your loved one to endure, they can perform miracles in a career!

You are a wonderfully sensual and highly sexed lover, good at assessing your partner's needs. You are also demanding and need a partner who is not only active, but also sympathetic. Watch out though, for a tendency to "mother" your partners. This can create a rather claustrophobic atmosphere, which more freedom-loving partners may resent.


As a Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon, your approach to parenting combines the intense, passionate energy of Scorpio with the nurturing, sensitive nature of Cancer.

With your Scorpio Sun, you possess an intense, intuitive, and transformative outlook on life. As a parent, you bring depth, passion, and determination to your children's upbringing. You have a strong sense of loyalty and protectiveness towards them. Your Scorpio Sun fuels your desire for emotional depth and understanding, and you guide your children through life's challenges with resilience and emotional strength. You encourage them to embrace their authenticity and face their fears head-on. Your Scorpio Sun also adds an element of mystery and intensity to your parenting, creating an environment of exploration and self-discovery.

Having a Cancer Moon adds a nurturing, sensitive, and empathetic touch to your parenting style. You are deeply attuned to your children's emotional needs and provide a warm and comforting presence in their lives. Your Cancer influence brings out your own maternal or paternal instincts, and you prioritize creating a safe and nurturing home environment for your children. You offer them emotional support and understanding, encouraging them to express their feelings and providing a shoulder to lean on. Your Cancer Moon also enhances your intuition, enabling you to intuitively understand your children's needs and respond to them with sensitivity.

However, be mindful of the tendency to be overly protective or overly attached due to your Cancer Moon. It's important to strike a balance between nurturing and allowing your children the independence to explore and grow.

With your Scorpio intensity and Cancer nurturing, you guide your children to be resilient, emotionally intelligent individuals. You instill in them the spirit of authenticity and depth, coupled with a sense of empathy and the ability to navigate their emotions with grace and understanding.


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