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DupleDynes - what are they?







Mathematical algorithms for determining the Astrological Harmony and Power (Dynes) between two people (Duple)

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Built with the same concepts as Cosmodynes, DupleDyne algorithms describe the overall Harmonic tone and Power, between two people. Enabling you to instantly understand your overall Harmony with another, along with the best and worst Astrological energies of that relationship.
"The world and everything in it, including people, are comprised of vibrations. 
Each "thing" has its own vibratory rate. 
What happens if you try to mix oil and water? 
 It doesn't matter how much you shake them up, they are never going to mix in a homogeneous way. 
Because their basic natures and basic vibratory rates are so different that they will never harmoniously combine easily. 
People are no different. 
If your basic vibratory rate is so far different than someone else's, then you will never harmoniously "mix" with that person."
-Allen Edwall
Just like Cosmodynes, DupleDynes provide an instant understanding of how Powerful and more importantly, how Harmonious or Discordant the potential of a couple can be.
Much like Cosmodyne algorithms, DupleDyne algorithms mathematically add or subtract points based on the comparison of two people's charts.
The higher the Harmony, the more free flowing your energy is with that person.  In turn, you will theoretically have more positive interactions and fewer arguments.
a snippet showing the DupleDyne scoring system
An average score between you and the next person on the street is +positive 10 (+10) and true Harmony (for a lifelong friend, or possibly marriage) is +40.
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Harmony and Power

How does one determine the vibratory compatibility between two people?
Based on Allen Edwall's works on Dual-Cosmodynes, DupleDynes mathematically compare the conditions of each planet of a first person to each planet of another person and arrive to a Harmony and Power score for each one of these conditions.
For example, Harmony points are given for favorable synastry aspects, such as mutual receptions, trines, and conjunctions from benefic planets; while points are subtracted for unfavorable aspects such as Squares, oppositions, conjunctions with malefic planets and points.  The score for each one of these metrics are totaled to provide an overall Harmony Score. 
two circular blobs of energy blending
The Power of each of these aspects is determined by the Orb of these aspects; the more exact the degree of an aspect (the tighter the orb) is, the more Powerful that aspect is between two people.
So, the closer to exactitude to an aspect (Trine, Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Sextile), the more powerful and unfiltered the energy is, and that energy is what characterizes the energy of the relationship on the whole.
Our DupleDyne algorithm is designed for romantic relationships - giving more weight to the personal planets, specifically Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus placements.
Roughly 40% of the people you encounter in real life (or on MatchMachine) do not 'vibe' with you.
The average DupleDyne score between people is +10.  We recommend that you don't romantically pursue anyone on MatchMachine unless you have a +40 score in Harmony, if you have sights on a long term relationship.
Use DupleDynes to see at a glance, if someone is worth your time and effort.
a persona sitting in the lotus position denoting ultimate harmony

Does a high Harmony score guarantee a blissful relationship? 

No algorithm in the world can predict whether two people will end up happy together. A person who is happy outside of their relationship is far more likely to be happy inside of their relationship.   Nobody can make you happier unless you're happy with yourself first.
You can be certain that high Astrological Discord in a relationship will make you miserable in the long term.  Spiritual and emotional growth is part of the human experience, but there is only so much strife that one can accept from a single person.  
Of all of the compatibility tools on MatchMachine, we recommend you give DupleDynes the most weight for determining the overall potential of a relationship with another.

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About the Author

Ben has practiced Astrology for over 35 years and is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT) Practitioner. Ben holds 11 patents for the core functions that all dating sites now use today.  See Ben's Bio for more info.