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Aquarius Sun and

Scorpio Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Aquarius Sun and Scorpio Moon.


Powerful intellect; keen insight; charismatic; detached intensity; strong-willed; egotistic; stubborn; fiercely principled; dogmatic; self-judging; ambitious; reformer; proud; self-reliant; an astute observer; controlled sexuality; passionate yet dispassionate. 

Combination Theme

You are a dynamic and inspiring combination of the Sun and Moon, believing that being yourself is the most important thing in life. You don't care about norms, customs, or what other people think of you.  You have the tenacity and drive (Scorpio) which pairs harmoniously with the Aquarius's hunger to make the world a better place.  Your intensity makes you noticed by others - particularly superiors, and you should do very well financially in life.

You have an ability to focus that others can only pray to have. For the sake of your health, learn to let go and relax from time to time.


Intense dedication to principles; undying loyalty to friends and family; persevering and thorough approach to work; investigative turn of mind and devotion to the truth at any cost; courageous enthusiasm for reform and desire to improve the welfare of others; capacity for living life to the fullest


Egotism and self-importance; tendency sometimes to get stuck in prejudice and dogmatic opinions; a stern, exacting eye and unbending standards; potential for ruthless behavior and manipulation.


Emotionally you are inclined to blow hot and cold. You have an ability to marshal your passions in an almost machine-like manner, giving total and all-absorbing attention to your loved one and demanding the same in return. Your intensity guarantees that you get it, (but at what cost?)

You can be quite passionate when you decide to let your guard down. Never frivolous with your feelings, you are pretty much an all-or-nothing person who can become totally absorbed in a relationship. You can surprise yourself with how deeply attached you become, and you may use rational defenses to protect you from your emotional vulnerability.

Your powerful source of intensely focused emotional energy (Moon in Scorpio) is quite different from your classically apathetic Aquarius Sun. More than any other Aquarian Sun and Moon combination, you need a rich and rewarding love and sex life. You need a partner who can keep up with your ferocious and sexually demanding nature while being mindful of the fact that your Aquarian Sun requires a feeling of freedom and independence.

The worst Scorpio fault is jealousy - your Aquarian side will hate it if you allow this negative emotion to surface.


As an Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon, your approach to parenting combines the innovative, independent energy of Aquarius with the intense, emotional depth of Scorpio.

Your Aquarius Sun instills in you a forward-thinking and individualistic outlook on life. As a parent, you foster these values in your children, encouraging their individuality and teaching them to question conventions and think outside the box. You cultivate an environment that promotes independent thought, open-mindedness, and the courage to stand up for their beliefs. However, it's crucial to balance your individualistic tendencies with a sense of connection and empathy, ensuring your children understand the importance of community and mutual support.

Your Scorpio Moon, on the other hand, brings a depth of emotion, passion, and resilience to your parenting style. You understand your children's feelings on a deep level, often before they express them, and you encourage them to explore their emotional worlds and understand their feelings. However, be cautious of your Scorpion tendency to be overly protective or controlling. It's equally important to give your children space to grow and learn independently, and to respect their boundaries.

With your Aquarius innovation and Scorpio intensity, you guide your children to be both independent thinkers and emotional explorers. You foster in them the spirit of innovation, combined with a deep understanding of their own feelings and the resilience to face life's challenges.


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Robbie WilliamsJennifer StoneDenise RichardsGuy FieriHeather GrahamVince Neil

Plácido DomingoJames DeanSasha BanksElijah WoodMinnie DriverHannibal Bures


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