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Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon Tribe

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Aquarius Sun and

Cancer Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Aquarius Sun and Cancer Moon.


Kind hearted; compassionate; empathic; popular; self-sufficient; idealistic; unfounded insecurities; paranoia, progressive thinker, but emotionally old-fashioned; friend of the people; a sensitive individualist.

Combination Theme

You combine the originality, intellectualism, and independence of Aquarius with the intuitive and emotional sensitivity of Cancer.

Aquarius Sun people are famously known for being emotionally detached and approach most everything in an unemotional, objective manner - but not you. Cancer Moon adds a tenderheartedness to your mix, making you the most caring and socially empathetic Aquarian of all the Aquarius Sun Moon Tribes. While most other Aquarians are observing humanity as though they're aliens barely phased into this dimension, you have a deep understanding and love for the human animal.


Independent, but social; insightful and intuitive; creative imagination; tuned in on knowing what it takes to be successful and secure; tactful communicator; your genuine love of humanity and ability to connect with all walks of life.


Bouts of moodiness, silence and retreat; tendency to rationalize the irrational; indecisive.


Cancer Moon makes you the cuddliest of the notoriously unemotional Aquarius Sun Tribe. Moon in Cancer is a powerful placement because in Astrology, the Moon rules Cancer and all things associated with the Moon are leveled up: intuition, emotional sensitivity, lovability, need for security, sudden mood changes.

Your heightened emotional sensitivity leads you to choose friends and alliances wisely. You have a knack for sizing up others in mere moments. When it comes to romantic relationships, there’s often an internal struggle between needing independence (Aquarius) and wanting to smother or be smothered with love (Cancer). Your lovers need to understand these sides of you and how quickly you can flip from needing to go on a personal adventure to needing a night of close family time or Netflix and chill.


No matter the Sun Sign, every Cancer Moon parent is a bit of a "helicopter parent" - hovering over your Mini-Me's, ensuring their safety. While most Aquarian Suns tend to be emotionally detached, you break the mold with your cuddle-bug self. Being a Cancer Moon, you have an incredibly powerful connection to your Mother and will most likely pattern your parenting style after her.


Famous Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon People Depicted Above:

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Benny Hill, Nick Nolte, Kerry Washington, Rose Leslie, Alice Eve

Nick Carter, Bridget Fonda, Marcus Mumford, Shakira, Wilmer Valderrama, Freddie Highmore

Mischa Barton, Michael B. Jordan, Smokey Robinson, Eva Gabor, Dionne Bromfield, Clark Gable


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