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Aquarius Sun and

Aries Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Aquarius Sun and Aries Moon.


Progressive; against the grain; impatient; prophetic; impulsive; shock value; problem-solving; harsh critic; truth seeker; off-the-wall; quick and sound intellect.

Combination Theme

Aquarian Suns are famously intellectual, inventive, sociable (and a bit unpredictable); and when you add fiery Aries Moon to the mix, all of these qualities are given a turbo boost. Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac, it’s fancy and wise, but also weird. Aries is the 1st sign, it’s combustible energy (like the big bang).

You, more than most Aquarians, can immediately switch directions, without notice, leaving everyone around you wondering what you’re going to do next. Ellen DeGeneres is a great example of Aquarius Sun Aries Moon. She’s a classic humanitarian, yet a fighter; she’s warm and loving, yet loves to shock her guests on her show. She’s weird and lovable and one of the quickest wits on the planet.


Clever visionary; brave; competitive, innovative; passionate; fast-thinking; tenacious; devotion to truth and willingness to challenge unlawful authority; respect for the rights and opinions of others.


Intolerance for irrational moody emotions displayed in others; self-absorption; quick bursts of anger when plans are blocked although you cool down just as quickly; risk of becoming arrogant or radical; stubborn; cool and competitive temperament which possibly keeps you a loner. (This is not true for all people of this combo, cosmodyne harmonies elsewhere in the chart can soften or change the type of energy being described here).


You’re among the warmest, most passionate and highly sexed of Sun sign Aquarians. You’re a bit of a handful because you love to challenge the status quo. Friends like this about you, but romantic partners have to be especially tolerant of this aspect because it is a fundamental facet of your everyday personality.

Your perfect romantic partner is rarely boring, is someone who can stand their ground with you, challenge your thoughts, and still love you for the weirdo that you are. It’s best if they’re your intellectual equal and above all, they need to give you the freedom you need to pursue your life’s goals. One of your lessons in this life is to learn to slow down and savor the subtle nuances of loving human interaction - to just BE with another person without having to say or do anything.


As an Aquarius Sun Aries Moon, your approach to parenting blends the innovative, independent energy of Aquarius with the fiery, dynamic spirit of Aries.

Your Aquarius Sun endows you with a forward-thinking and individualistic outlook on life. As a parent, you nurture these values in your children, encouraging their individuality and teaching them to question conventions and think outside the box. You cultivate an environment that promotes independent thought, open-mindedness, and the courage to stand up for their beliefs. However, it's crucial to balance your individualistic tendencies with a sense of connection and empathy, ensuring your children understand the importance of community and mutual support.

Your Aries Moon, on the other hand, brings a passionate, adventurous, and pioneering touch to your parenting style. You inspire your children to be brave, to take initiative, and to follow their passions. You encourage them to be independent, to face challenges head-on, and to embrace the adventure of life. However, watch out for your Aries tendency to be overly impulsive or impatient. It's equally important to teach your children to think before they act and to practice patience.

With your Aquarius innovation and Aries dynamism, you guide your children to be both independent thinkers and spirited adventurers. You instill in them the spirit of innovation, coupled with a deep understanding of courage and initiative.


Famous Aquarius Sun Aries Moon People Depicted Above:

Ellen DeGeneresJoe PesciGeorge BurnsRichard Dean AndersonAlan AldaPaul Allen

Melise JowTom HiddlestonChris Rock,  Ed SheeranAdam LambertMichael Bay

Will PoulterChristian BaleFanny LuAnita BakerMichael C. HallChloë Grace Moretz


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