Pluto House 6


Pluto in the 6th House

The 6th house in astrology is associated with daily routines, employment, health, and service. This house represents how you approach your daily life, work, and exercise routines, hygiene, nutrition, and teaches you to integrate and balance mental, physical, and spiritual energy.

Pluto is the planet symbolizing transformation, power, intensity, death, and rebirth. Its influence brings deep and profound changes, pushing you to confront your fears, embrace your personal power, and undergo profound inner transformations.

When Pluto is positioned in your sixth house, it greatly influences your daily routines, work, and health habits. You may have an intense focus on improvement and transformation in these areas, and find that they are often areas of deep personal change.

Great personal transformations can occur because of your work or your workplace environment. With Pluto in the sixth house, you may approach work and daily routines with intensity, ambition, and the desire for control. You might have a knack for understanding the deeper mechanisms at play in your work environment and may have the desire to become involved in workplace issues or labor union goings-on.

You strive for cooperation and thoroughness in your work habits, and you can be a hard-nosed taskmaster for fellow employees or for the workers under your command. (Guard against trying to be too controlling of how they work.)

You have the ability to work long hours on nervous energy until your body cannot take any more. You enjoy troubleshooting and solving problems that others cannot solve. Detective work on the job is fun for you. You have the ability to encourage people to discuss deep-seated problems and then analyze the problems logically.

There may be an interest in healing. You could be a channel for healing, or you might simply be a hypochondriac. You are apt to unconsciously project criticalness to fellow workers without speaking. There may be difficulties through infectious, deep-seated diseases or problems in the colon area.

Pluto's influence here can also bring challenges and potential pitfalls. You may be prone to power struggles in the workplace or intense experiences related to your health. Look at your Natal Chart and  Cosmodyne Harmony Score for Pluto for more insight.

It's important to channel the transformative energy of Pluto in constructive ways. Embrace the depth of your potential for change in your daily routines, work, and health habits. This placement invites you to harness your personal power for growth and transformation in these aspects of your life.

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