Pluto in Cancer

Pluto in Cancer


The Basics:

Pluto is still a planet as far as Astrology goes.  It is quantumly entangled with our collective consciousness as the furthest thing out there, and as with all things dealing with consciousness-based sciences (looking at you double-slit experiment), the more conscious awareness a thing is given, the more powerful that thing is. 

Pluto is a "generational planet" because it stays in each zodiac Sign between 12-30 years and especially influences the collective experiences, concerns, and worldviews of the generation born in that time period.

Pluto transforms everything according to the themes of the Sign it is in.

Pluto is associated with world-wide paradigm shifts, power and the struggle for power, control, transformation and reformation, death, and rebirth, (endings and beginnings).  While Uranus is about updating the status quo, Pluto comes in and flat out destroys and rebuilds from ground zero.

Cancer is the sign of home and homeland security, family and ancestry, financial security, nurturing and emotions.  

It is no wonder that so many power struggles were entrenched in the themes of familial structures, homelands, and financial security during this timespan.

  • World War I (1914): A War Between Cousins. In 1914, right when Pluto entered Cancer, we see the Plutonian theme of destruction and transformation enter the Sign of Family Home, and Homelands. World War I was quite literally started between cousins! 

The power struggle (Pluto) of this family (Cancer) transformed (Pluto) how homelands (Cancer) were controlled (Pluto).  Germany lost control of territories such as Alsace-Lorraine, which was returned to France, and the Polish Corridor, which was given to Poland. The Austro-Hungarian Empire was dissolved, leading to the creation of several new countries such as Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Austria. The Ottoman Empire was also dissolved, leading to the creation of the modern state of Turkey and the mandate of several territories to the United Kingdom and France.

  • The Russian Revolution of 1917: Transformation of the Family. The Russian Revolution led to significant changes in family structure and lifestyle in the Soviet Union. The Soviet government implemented policies that aimed to liberate women from traditional roles in the home, such as promoting communal childcare, education, and employment for women.

  • The Great Depression (1929-1939): Financial Crisis and Reform.   During this Pluto in Cancer period, Pluto formed a square aspect (tension) with Uranus (freedom) in Aries (independence) in 1929.  This square manifested in destroying the financial independence of people across the world - roughly 25% of workers lost their jobs and struggled to provide for their families, forcing them to rely on government assistance programs such as those that came with President Roosevelt's "New Deal".  People lost their homes and farms, some children had to leave school and work to help provide for their families.  

        Many struggled to maintain social connections and support systems as they lost touch with friends, neighbors, and family members who had moved away in search of work.

*It's worth noting that Pluto's placement in a particular sign not only influences the collective experiences of the generation born during that time, but it can also have a ripple effect on future generations.

For example, individuals born during a Pluto in Cancer period may pass down certain attitudes or values regarding home, family, and emotional security to their descendants. 

The rise of nationalism and the focus on "family values" in the early 20th century may have been influenced by the transformative energy of Pluto in Cancer.  The children of those born in Pluto in Cancer are the ones with Pluto in Leo - the Boomers, the ones who made "family values" the cornerstone of political campaigns for decades.

Brace yourselves for Pluto in Aquarius is upon us!

There is always some major catastrophe that immediately sets the tone and shapes the world when Pluto ingresses into the next sign.  Just like the housing crisis began as soon as Pluto entered Capricorn. 

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is all about structures, both physical assets (like buildings) and intangible (like governments, laws and contracts).  Capricorn maintains those structures through authority, responsibility, caution, gaining material wealth and governmental policies. And two days after Dr. Doom (Pluto) entered the 1st degree of Capricorn, Bear Sterns shook the world with their insolvency that was ultimately due to the US Government pressuring lenders to give out bad home loans.  The whole system collapsed, leading to a world-wide financial crisis and the largest single day stock market crash in American history.  

Pluto destroys things that need transforming according to the themes of the Sign it is in.  The Housing market was a stack of cards, and like clockwork, Pluto blew it all away.

In the last 15 years, we have seen Governments (Capricorn) acquire more power (Pluto) than ever before.  What kind of powershift will occur when Pluto enters Aquarius?  Who knows, but the themes will certainly revolve around power struggles of Aquarius - humanity, electronic communications and individuality.

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