Neptune House 7

Neptune shown within a Astrological House wheel highlighting the 7th House

Neptune in the 7th House

The 7th house in astrology pertains to relationships, partnerships, and how you relate to others. This house governs all types of partnerships, including marriage, business partnerships, and long-term contracts. It's about how you interact with others and how you balance your needs with those of others.

Neptune is the planet symbolizing dreams, spirituality, intuition, and illusion. It encourages us to transcend the physical world and explore spiritual dimensions and abstract experiences.

When Neptune is positioned in your seventh house, it influences how you relate to others and how you approach partnerships. You might seek partners who share your spiritual or creative interests, or you might have an idealistic view of relationships. Your relationships could have a strong intuitive or spiritual component, and you may be very empathetic and understanding towards your partners.

There may be a tendency to idealize marriage or the marriage partner. Many sacrifices may be made for the spouse. The marriage partner can be spiritually minded, artistic, or just plain confusing. Communication may be a problem due to your concepts and ideals not coinciding. There is a tendency to attract a partner whereby you or they play the role of martyr or savior. The feeling may be that your partner "needs" saving and that you're the only one who can "save" (change) them. Because of this, your partner may be an alcoholic or a drug (ab)user.

Your imagination and your idealization of your partner may be more real to you than what your partner is in reality. If this is so, then there will come the day when your blinders are removed, and you will see their true nature. This then may lead to great disappointment and discouragement when you find out that they or you have been living a lie and that things are not as they have appeared. With this position, you must make absolutely sure you are dealing with the hard, cold facts of your relationship and not the romantic notions dreamed up from storybook tales.

You are likely to seek a marriage partner who can provide a source of inspiration and bring out your capacity for compassion and loving understanding. There can be a tendency to see a prospective partner through rose-colored glasses or to weave imaginative fantasies about new contacts or hoped-for encounters. Consequently, there is a possibility that the partner may not be the type of person conjured up by your imagination.

There is some tendency to form partnerships based on admiration or pity. If your natal Neptune is afflicted, such admiration may have resulted from your having been dazzled by glamorous externals, while an over-active sense of pity may be exploited by a prospective partner so that you marry out of sentiment or misplaced sympathy.

Possibilities exist that the partner is very sensitive and may need to be treated with kid gloves. The partner may be artistic or musically inclined or have some connection with drama or the stage. The material side of life may not concern them. Your relationship may be quite spiritual, and above the sordid things of this life, it may be more platonic than sexual. The other side of the coin is that you may become involved with unreliable, inconstant, and somewhat shiftless types whose sympathies may be largely focused upon themselves, or they may be underprivileged in some way, or neurotic or invalids suffering from chronic ill health.

An unconscious willingness on your part to indulge in self-deception regarding your partner is possible. This may keep you in a bad relationship because you refuse to see the truth, or you falsely believe that only you can change things.

In order to get the best results from the marriage or relationship, you must learn to overcome vague desires for an unattainable ideal, control any tendency to get carried away by shallow romanticism, and be as clear-headed and practical as possible when assessing the virtues and attractions of prospective mates. Stay well-grounded.

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