Neptune in Gemini

A map of the world showing transatlantic cables for telegraphs

Neptune in Gemini


In astrology, Neptune is considered a generational planet along with Uranus and Pluto. This means it moves very slowly through the zodiac, spending approximately 14 years in each sign.

Neptune symbolizes dreams, illusions, spirituality, and the subconscious. It represents idealism, creativity, mysticism, and intuition, but also confusion, deception, and escapism. Neptune urges individuals to transcend the material world and connect with higher truths and emotional depths.

Gemini is associated with communication, information exchange, intellectual curiosity, and also travel. With Neptune in Gemini, this generated a spirit of exploration, adaptability and spreading ideas far and wide.

As a generational planet, Neptune shapes the culture, imagination, and collective consciousness of the era it is moving through. Its influence is not just limited to those born during that 14-year window, but affects society more broadly.

The Neptune in Gemini Influence

Major technological innovations expanded possibilities for travel and mobility:

  • The gasoline-powered automobile was invented, changing transportation. By 1900 over 4,000 cars were on American roads.
  • The Wright Brothers achieved the first airplane flight in 1903, pioneering air travel.
  • Railroad expansion continued, with the first electric locomotive in 1895. Transcontinental rail lines connected the country.
  • Urban transit systems like subways emerged in cities like Boston, Chicago and New York.

Communications and information sharing gained new possibilities:

  • Radio technology sent the first transatlantic signal by 1901.
  • Motion pictures captivated audiences when the first film screening occurred in 1894.
  • Telegraph wires networked the country, allowing instant communication.
  • Mass circulation newspapers and magazines spread information widely.

There was also a resurgence of interest in spiritualism, aligned with Neptune's link to invisible realms. Séances and mediums became wildly popular. The notorious medium Mina Crandon was born right when Neptune ingressed to Neptune (1888). Crandon conducted séances channeling her dead brother.

Overall, this era saw tremendous innovation in communications technology, travel advances, information exchange, and spiritual curiosity - all expressions of Neptune in Gemini on a collective level.

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