Saturn House 7

Saturn shown within a Astrological House wheel highlighting the 7th House

Saturn in the 7th House

The Seventh House is the house of partnership. Referred to as the marriage box by some astrologers, this house concerns itself with one-on-one dynamics; romantic, business, and even adversarial couplings fall within its proverbial walls. Those with natal planets in the Seventh House tend to be very focused on relationships, gravitating towards partnership in all areas of life.

With Saturn in the 7th House, there may be a tendency to attract older, more serious partners. Partnerships may involve much duty, responsibility, and hard work. There may be a karmic tie from the past to the partners in this life. Whatever the case, there may be a feeling of restriction, bondage, depression, and anxiety in your relationships. They certainly can be enduring, though.

Saturn here indicates you need to learn to cooperate with and develop empathy for others. You are perhaps cautious about marriage but, when committed, may find it very difficult to leave your marriage partner, even if you are unhappy. You may marry for security rather than love. Discipline is needed in relationships.

There may be a very self-controlled and sometimes calculating attitude toward all forms of partnership. You are inclined to seek a partner who will awaken your sense of responsibility and give you a greater sense of purpose and will to succeed. For a woman, there may be a subconscious desire to marry a "father figure," and the partner may well feel the urge to organize your life on a more effective basis.

The responsibilities of marriage or the fear of marriage may delay marriage. If Saturn is well-aspected in your natal chart, then this position usually indicates that one loyally abides by marriage vows and faithfully carries out marital duties. With a well-placed and well-aspected natal Saturn, the partner is likely to be a person of integrity, faithful, steady, reliable, industrious, persevering and economical, perhaps not over-demonstrative and preferring deeds to words, and providing a natural anchor for the partnership.

If natal Saturn is poorly aspected, then there is a tendency to endure an unhappy marriage rather than to lose face by breaking up. If you neglect to make your partner happy, your own happiness will be affected in the same proportion. This position can also mean a second-choice marriage, which endures in spite of boredom, unhappiness, and a lack of love. In other words, you may have wanted to marry someone else but settled on a second choice instead. The partner may act in such a way as to become a burden and may be uncommunicative, narrow in outlook, cold, and over-critical. In some cases, the spouse may be much loved but prone to ill health. Marriage to a widow or widower is possible.

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