Saturn House 2

Saturn shown within a Astrological House wheel highlighting the 2nd House

Saturn in the 2nd House

The Second House is the house of value and possessions. It relates to creature comforts, hedonistic pleasures, finances, and all that is tangible and in our possession or that which we want in our possession. The Second House indicates how we relate to abundance and lack, and also how we assign value to ourselves and the world around us. On a practical level, the Second House indicates how we earn or could earn money.

Saturn is the planet of structure, boundaries, restriction, and contraction, and when in the second house, you tend to be thrifty, practical, and responsible, especially with money and possessions. Sometimes you are so busy squirreling away money that you forget to enjoy it. Having money set aside for a rainy day is fine, but you probably don't need as much as you tend to want to have set aside.

With Saturn in the 2nd House, feelings of being unloved, unwanted, unappreciated, and generally empty often occur. There may have been too much emphasis on materialism in past lives. You may need to re-evaluate your values. Attitudes of possessiveness toward others must be changed, as well as learning to love yourself and sharing the fruits of your labors so that others can love you.

There is a tendency to become depressed over material matters. If Saturn is afflicted in the chart, poverty is possible with this placement due to a lack of understanding of the actual value of money and possessions. Additionally, or separately, your possessions are apt to bring worries rather than happiness because you may need to learn to share with others.

This placement does not deny money, but you must work hard for it. There are several self-made and amazingly wealthy people with this placement, but they achieved that wealth through decades of steady hard work, shrewd planning, and creating an environment where others can prosper as well.


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