Uranus in Gemini

Telegraph Machine in the time of Uranus in Gemini

Uranus in Gemini

Uranus is all about innovating and challenging and updating the status quo.  It overhauls or even breaks systems, processes, traditions, and laws (the things of Saturn).  Uranus is associated with electricity and electronic communication, inventions, shocking changes in paradigms, but most of all, it’s about rebuking the old systems and renovating for the new.

People with strong Uranus energy in their chart are particularly forward-thinking and innovative (or unstable) in their thought processes and communication.  The Sign and House in which Uranus resides point to how one wants to rebel against and “update” whichever themes the Sign and House represent.

Uranus in Gemini Meaning

Uranus in Gemini is associated with significant change, disruption and progress in the areas governed by Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, which rules over communication, calculations, short trips, and the concept of duality.

People born during this time (1941-1949) may be known for their curiosity and precociousness as a group. Individuals of this group who have personal planets or points aspected by Uranus may be particularly revolutionary and adept at communication – particularly electronic (Uranus) communication (Gemini) related fields.

Uranus was last in Gemini:

Aug.  7, 1941, to Oct  4, 1941

May 15, 1942, to Aug 30, 1948

Nov. 12, 1948, to Jun 10, 1949

Uranus will be in Gemini:

July  7, 2025, to Nov 7, 2025

Apr. 25, 2026, to August 3, 2032

Dec. 12, 2032, to May 22, 2033

Advances achieved when Uranus was last in Gemini:

Alan Turing broke the encryption codes sent by the Germans in WWII.  In July 1942, Turing developed a complex code-breaking technique he named ‘Turingery’ enabling the Allies to determine where the German soldiers were moving next by intercepting radio codes sent with Nazi Germany's Enigma system.

The first practical teleprinter machine was developed in 1942, which allowed for the transmission of typed messages over telegraph or telephone lines.

The first fax machine was invented in 1943, which allowed for the transmission of documents and images over phone lines.

The first program-controlled telephone exchange was demonstrated in 1947, which paved the way for automated switchboards and modern phone systems.

The first mobile phone service was launched in 1949, allowing people to make phone calls while on the go.


Uranus takes approximately seven years to transit through a sign; 84 years to go around the Sun.  Unless your Uranus is near a sign cusp, anyone within 2-5 years of your age is likely to have Uranus in the same Sign. 

The noticeable differences in how Uranus is expressed by someone are due to the house placement and the number of aspects that Uranus makes with the other planets in one’s chart, especially the faster-moving personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus).  The more aspects (angles) made with other planets in your makeup, the more strength it has, and the more prominently your Uranian energy is expressed. 

In Astrology, the outer planets are often seen as having a “hierarchy” or spiritual evolution over the inner planets, and are considered as the higher octave of certain inner “personal” planets.  Uranus is considered to be the higher octave of Mercury because it expands on the themes and energies associated with Mercury.  Mercury is associated with communication, thinking, and the exchange of information, while Uranus takes these things to the next level and integrates the thought processes and communicative action of Mercury into a cause that tends to benefit all of humanity.

So, in a sense, Uranus takes the qualities of Mercury and expands on them, adding a broader, more universal perspective and points to where the desire for progress and evolution are met with the least resistance according to the associations of the Sign in which Uranus resides. 


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