Saturn in Aquarius

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Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn represents structure, discipline, responsibility, and authority. It's often seen as the taskmaster of the zodiac, pushing for hard work, growth, and maturity.

Saturn is also associated with limitation, restriction, and sometimes fear or hardship, as its influence often signifies areas where we need to overcome challenges.

On a more positive note, Saturn also symbolizes endurance, dedication, and perseverance, encouraging individuals to work diligently towards their goals. Saturn's impact often results in long-lasting achievements earned through hard work and resilience.

With Saturn in Aquarius, you tend to be serious, impersonal, detached, scientific and future oriented.  You are, first and foremost, a humanitarian, yet you still favor doing things your way.

One of your skills is the ability to see things much differently than the rest of the herd.  You are able to carry out procedures, keep order, maintain discipline, and exercise tact in novel and unconventional ways.  You have the ability to prepare for the future and think of creative solutions.

This is traditionally a powerful position for Saturn, and it may bring considerable success and influence, particularly in government, politics, or large institutions.  You possess practical common sense, self-discipline, and inner sources of strength that provide the considerable stamina required to pursue your goals.   

Despite being a bit quirky, you are a realist and humble enough to understand your own true importance in the Universe without exaggeration, thus giving you a clear understanding of how effective you can be, which provides a concrete basis for accomplishing great things.

Although humane with a friendly and sympathetic disposition, you may have difficulty understanding other people's goals.  It would help if you learned to develop your skills for forgiveness, empathize with others, and tolerate their foibles.

On the negative side, you can be opinionated, vindictive, cold, and uncaring, with a tendency to get quite aggravated if your plans are met with opposition.

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