Saturn in Sagittarius

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Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn is the planet of structure, discipline, and restriction – often called the planet of “no”.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, philosophy, and luck (the “yes” planet), rules Sagittarius.  With these contradicting themes, a native of this position is inclined to have a realistic view of what is truly beneficial, practical, and possible.

At its best, Saturn in Sagittarius position gives a charitable and philanthropic turn to the mind with a desire to benefit and uplift humanity through discipline, system, and self-help under just laws and authentic religious impulses.

It brings trust, respect, and honor to all undertakings.  You are intuitive, philosophical, independent, and persistent.  Mental maturity comes later in life and promises success.  You are generous with a wonderfully developed sense of responsibility.  You have administrative and scientific abilities.

Benefits can be gained from meditation and introspection.  You may have poor circulation in the hips and legs.  It would be best if you had physical exercise and fresh air, especially in your sleeping quarters.  On the negative side, (if your Saturn is negatively aspected) you may be cynical, atheistic, selfishly ambitious, dogmatic, insincere, and sarcastic.  There is a need for everything to be proven before belief is possible.

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