Saturn in Scorpio

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Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn represents structure, discipline, responsibility, and authority. It's often seen as the taskmaster of the zodiac, pushing for hard work, growth, and maturity.

Saturn is also associated with limitation, restriction, and sometimes fear or hardship, as its influence often signifies areas where we need to overcome challenges.

On a more positive note, Saturn also symbolizes endurance, dedication, and perseverance, encouraging individuals to work diligently towards their goals. Saturn's impact often results in long-lasting achievements earned through hard work and resilience.

With Saturn in Scorpio, you are shrewd, astute and can be very self disciplined.  As a native of this position, you innately understand the breadth of human motivations which, in turn, enables you to control others.  You are perceptive, have executive ability, and are extremely capable of gaining power both politically and in the business world. 

You may have psychic ability and people may find you difficult to understand because of your reserved exterior and secretiveness.  Your mind may be mechanically oriented, and you are resourceful, patient, and persistent even under the most adverse circumstances.  

Whatever you do is done with intensity.  On the negative side, though, there is a danger of stubbornness, revenge, lack of forgiveness, resentment, and cruelty.  Tendencies to grub for money and prestige unjustly can cause considerable harm.  There can be health problems with constipation or hemorrhoids.  It would help if you learned when and how to let go, which also applies to eliminative bodily functions.  Holding onto anger can cause stones to develop in the gall bladder or kidneys.

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