Jupiter House 11

Jupiter in the 11th House

The 11th House is the house of friendships and community, social justice, idealism, and hope. Appropriately, the planetary influences in the Eleventh House reveal our place within and connection to our social circle and the collective at large. On a broader scale, the Eleventh House reveals our individual hopes for humankind and how we view ourselves as driving forces for those possibilities.

You are a strong supporter of groups, foundations, and philanthropies and have a natural urge and ability to organize and plan large group activities.

You are popular with faithful and influential friends, some of who are willing to do almost anything for you and you for them. These friends are knowledgeable, idealistic, and may be of foreign culture or background. Social life appeals to you, and this may be the cause of over-indulgence or over-extravagance, which could get you into trouble.


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