Jupiter House 10

Jupiter in the 10th House

The 10th House marks the highest point in the birth chart, representing one’s public image and social status, career trajectory, and ultimate purpose in life. Natal planets in the Tenth House reveal an ambitious individual, and changes (large and small) in one’s profession often occur when planets transit this zone.

As Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, justice, and honor, this position may bring opportunity and growth as well as success and honor to you in your profession or in your community.

You have the ability to get others to believe in your expansion-oriented, long-range plans, dreams, and visions. Much of the reason is due to your congenial and generous nature. You have a magnetic personality, and people sense you will not let them down. Many opportunities will arise which are of benefit to both you and to society as a whole. There is a strong sense of responsibility toward your career and toward personal achievement.


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