Jupiter House 9

Jupiter in the 9th House

The 9th House is about long explorative journeys, both mental and physical. It rules our attitudes and opinions on all topics and our efforts to understand complex issues, including morals and ethics. It rules higher education, laws, philosophy, religion, and the type of wisdom we attain in this life. The 9th House relates to our experiences contributing to personal evolution and big-picture thinking.

With Jupiter in its natural home, you are optimistic, tolerant, broad-minded, considerate, and maybe a little bit fanatical. You may be prophetic, have strong intuition, good judgment, and vivid dreams. You may be interested in law, religion, and philosophies.

You have the ability to guide and inspire others as to what the future might bring and to promote your own thoughts, ideas and ideals. You may benefit from travels and dealings with foreigners. Your accomplishments may not be recognized until the latter part of your life. On the negative side, you may be quite dogmatic in your beliefs. If Jupiter is poorly aspected, you may experience a total absence of faith.


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