Jupiter House 5

Jupiter in the 5th House

The Fifth House is the House of fun, sex, and creativity. It maps an attraction to places where creativity is expressed - places of pleasure, entertainment, and amusement, such as the presentation of the fine arts, films, or drama, sports and concerts, recreational areas, hobbies, and leisure. It is associated with children (and the making of children) and maps youth and the school or the ideal place where we return to create without judgment. It rules casual dating, extramarital affairs, gambling or speculation, and the stock market.

Jupiter is about expansion and abundance, prosperity, and luck. Many opportunities for romance, dating, parties, and activities involving children or teaching will probably come your way throughout life.

You are optimistic and enjoy passing on your knowledge, showing patience, and garnering a love for the learning process to those around you. There is a strong desire to make significant contributions through your creative self-expression, which likely brings success and happiness.

Children, which may be plentiful, can be a source of pleasure.

If no opposing influences exist in your chart, you are lucky in gambling and speculation – but if there are, you may have a gambling bug that could ruin you.


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