Mars House 8

Mars shown within a Astrological House wheel highlighting the 8th House

Mars in the 8th House

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Intense, Transformative, Passionate, Ambitious, Investigative, Sexual, Energetic, Driven, Resourceful

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The Basics

In Astrology, Mars represents action, energy, and drive. It symbolizes passion, assertiveness, energy, courage, motivation, aggression, willpower, determination, and how we take action.

The Eighth House represents "Transformation and Shared Resources." It signifies transformation, deep emotions, shared finances, inheritances, sexuality, and the occult.

If you have Mars in the 8th House, you possess an intense and passionate nature when it comes to matters of transformation and shared resources. 

You are not afraid to confront deep emotions, explore sexual taboos, or delve into the hidden and mysterious aspects of life.

Your sexual energy is powerful and intense, and you approach intimate relationships with equal passion and desire. You may have a magnetic and charismatic presence that attracts others.

Your investigative nature makes you adept at uncovering hidden information or delving into the mysteries of life. You have a natural curiosity and desire to understand the deeper meaning behind things.

With Mars in the 8th House, you have the energy and drive to transform your life and harness the power of shared resources for your growth and success.

However, it's important to manage any tendencies towards controlling or manipulative behavior. Balancing your intensity with respect for boundaries will foster healthier and more harmonious relationships.

You have the potential to tap into your inner strength and resilience, allowing you to overcome challenges and experience personal transformation on a profound level.

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*Look at your Cosmodyne scores to see whether your Mars is Harmonious or Discordant.

While everyone has good and bad days, your Cosmodynes reveal where you lean toward on average.

(As we age, we learn to deal with all of our placements, and hopefully, we evolve into more harmonious beings than our Natal charts suggest.)

Transits to your Mars, especially from the outer planets, can greatly affect its expression as well.

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A Harmonious Mars in the 8th House

  • Your intense and passionate nature fuels your personal transformation and growth.
  • You approach intimate relationships with depth, desire, and emotional intensity.
  • You possess a resourceful and determined mindset when it comes to shared finances and resources.
  • Your investigative nature allows you to uncover hidden truths and delve into the mysteries of life.

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A Discordant Mars in the 8th House

  • You may exhibit controlling or manipulative behavior in your relationships, causing power struggles and conflicts.
  • Your intensity may overpower others, making it difficult to establish balanced and harmonious connections.
  • You might struggle with issues related to trust and possessiveness within relationships.
  • Your drive for personal transformation may lead to self-destructive behaviors if not channeled positively.


Remember, everyone's charts are unique and complex. Describing a single element of a chart (like Mars in the 8th House) doesn't account for other influences that would provide more details.

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