Mars in Scorpio

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Mars in Scorpio

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Intense, Passionate, Resourceful, Strategic, Determined, Vengeful, Jealous, Secretive, Resilient, Compulsive, Courageous, Magnetic, Transformative

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The Basics

Mars symbolizes our desires, our energy levels, and how we take action. Mars is in "Domicile" in Scorpio - its natural placement, giving you a powerful will, an intense focus, and the ability to persevere through even the most difficult situations.

You are capable of laser-like concentration and tremendous discipline, and it is especially difficult to influence you once your mind is made up.  

Direct confrontation is not your preferred method; you like operating behind the scenes. You rely on sharp psychic senses to suss-out insecurities, weak spots, and hidden desires. You’re very calculating and often five steps ahead of everyone else, making sure that all bases are covered before others have the chance to make a move.

You may have possessive streak, causing you to be vengeful or manipulative if someone crosses you or threatens your sense of security. Your jealousy can be a double-edged sword, driving you to protect what is yours but also causing conflicts and betrayals.


*Look at your Cosmodyne scores to see whether your Mars is Harmonious or Discordant.

In our AI model, Mars is considered a Malefic - everyone starts out with a (discordant) negative score and harmony points are added from this base configuration if applicable.  It is perfectly normal to have a negative score.

(As we age, we learn to deal with all of our discordant placements, and hopefully, we evolve into more harmonious beings than our Natal charts suggest.)

Transits to your Mars, especially from the outer planets, can greatly affect its expression as well.

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A Harmonious Mars in Scorpio

  • Intensely focused and determined to achieve your goals
  • Passionate and intense, with a magnetic and seductive energy
  • Resourceful and strategic, with a talent for uncovering hidden truths and guessing your opponents' next moves
  • Unafraid of taking risks or facing challenges
  • Loyal and committed, with a deep devotion to your loved ones and causes

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A Discordant Mars in Scorpio

  • Secretive and guarded, with a tendency to hold grudges
  • Manipulative and controlling, with a desire to dominate others
  • Vengeful and unforgiving, with a tendency towards jealousy and possessiveness
  • Compulsive and obsessive, with a tendency towards addiction and destructive behavior

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In relationships, your Mars in Scorpio can make you intensely passionate and magnetic, with a seductive energy that draws others towards you. You are deeply loyal and committed to your loved ones, and will go to great lengths to protect and defend them.

However, you can also be possessive and jealous, with a tendency to become obsessed with your partner or hold grudges over perceived slights. It is important for you to learn to trust and communicate openly with your partner, and to avoid using manipulative or controlling tactics in relationships.

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Career and Life Path

With Mars in Scorpio, you are ideally suited for careers that require intense focus, deep insight, and a willingness to confront taboo or sensitive subjects. You may be drawn to careers in psychology, spirituality, or the occult, or to fields that involve investigative work or research. You may also excel in positions of power, such as CEO or political strategist, where your ability to read between the lines and understand the hidden motivations of others can be a valuable asset.

Careers that may appeal to you: Lawyer, Detective, Surgeon, Psychologist, Investigative Journalist, Researcher, Financial Analyst, Crisis Manager, Secret Service Agent, Private Investigator, Intelligence Officer, Forensic Scientist, Sex Therapist, Mortician, Computer Hacker, Nuclear Engineer, Investment Banker, Executive Coach, Profiler, Black Ops Agent.


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