Mars in Aries

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Mars in Aries

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Energetic, Assertive, Impatient, Quick-Tempered, Independent, Competitive, Brave, Impulsive, Self-Centered, Adventurous, Passionate, Decisive, Enthusiastic, Innovative

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The Basics

Mars symbolizes our desires, our energy levels, and how we take action. If your Mars is in Aries, you have an assertive and energetic approach to life. You are independent and self-reliant, always willing to take the initiative and be a leader. You are passionate and enthusiastic about your goals and tend to act on your impulses without much forethought. 

You have a competitive nature and enjoy taking risks, making you a natural born leader and a force to be reckoned with. You are brave and not afraid to take on challenges or confrontations, and you tend to have a quick temper when provoked. Mars is in "Domicile" in Aries - its natural placement, giving you a burst of energy, passion, and the courage to take risks and fight for what you want. You are a trailblazer and a pioneer, always seeking new adventures and pushing yourself to your limits.

You can be impulsive and self-centered at times, focusing only on your own desires and needs. You can also become impatient when things don't move as quickly as you would like them to. You are not afraid to break the rules or go against convention, which can make you a bit of a rebel or maverick in your social circles.

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*Look at your Cosmodyne scores to see whether your Mars is Harmonious or Discordant.

In our AI model, Mars is considered a Malefic - everyone starts out with a (discordant) negative score and harmony points are added from this base configuration if applicable.  It is perfectly normal to have a negative score.

(As we age, we learn to deal with all of our discordant placements, and hopefully, we evolve into more harmonious beings than our Natal charts suggest.)

Transits to your Mars, especially from the outer planets, can greatly affect its expression as well.

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A Harmonious Mars in Aries

  • Energetic and enthusiastic about your goals
  • Confident and self-assured in your actions
  • Passionate and adventurous, always seeking new challenges and experiences
  • Decisive and innovative, with a natural ability to take the lead
  • Courageous and brave, not afraid to stand up for what you believe in
  • Fiercely independent and self-reliant

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A Discordant Mars in Aries

  • Impulsive and quick-tempered, which can lead to conflicts and mistakes
  • Self-centered and prone to acting without thinking of the consequences
  • Impatient and easily frustrated with delays or obstacles
  • Rebellious and prone to breaking rules or going against convention


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In relationships, your Mars in Aries can make you a passionate and enthusiastic partner who enjoys taking the lead and pursuing your desires. You are bold and assertive, often initiating romantic or sexual encounters with your partner. However, you can also be impulsive and quick-tempered, especially when your ego or sense of independence is threatened.

You thrive on excitement and challenge in relationships, which can sometimes lead to conflicts and power struggles. It is important for you to learn how to compromise and communicate effectively with your partner, and to channel your energy and passion in constructive ways.

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Career and Life Path

With Mars in Aries, you are a natural leader who thrives in high-pressure, competitive environments. You have a strong desire to achieve your goals and to be recognized for your accomplishments, which can make you successful in fields that require ambition, confidence, and courage.

You are well-suited for careers that involve risk-taking, innovation, and action, and may excel in roles that require physical or mental stamina. You may also be drawn to careers that involve sports, the military, law enforcement, or entrepreneurship.

Careers that may appeal to you: athlete, soldier, firefighter, police officer, entrepreneur, stock trader, salesperson, advertising executive, event planner, fashion designer, personal trainer, motivational speaker, politician, lawyer, journalist, stunt performer, race car driver.


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