Venus in Aries

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Venus in Aries

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Fiery passion, Impulsive attraction, Playful, Daring, Adventuresome, Confident flirting, Impatient desires, Competition, Innocent charm

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The Basics

Venus is all about your style of expressing love and your attitude towards money, things of value, and art.

Aries signifies leadership, initiative, courage and independence.

With Venus in Aries, you don't beat around the bush in matters of the heart.  You are fearless, spontaneous, and certainly not afraid to make the first move. You don't necessarily want to take control in relationships, but you do prefer to take the lead.  Your feelings and passions are easily aroused, and you are attracted to people who are confident and adventurous rather than stifling and clingy.

You often go out and get what you think you want.  The trouble is, once gotten, you may get tired of having.  The thrill of the chase is often more important to you than the final catch.  Thus, your romances may start off in a blaze of excitement and glory only to end in boredom and monotony.  There are always fresher fields to conquer, and you go after them.  It's almost a crusade for you.  

Venus' worst qualities are trying too hard to please others and taking the path of least resistance.  Depending upon the harmony and power of your Venus, you may choose partners who tend to dominate you and want you to do things their way at the expense of your own wishes.  Venus in Aries calls for you to be assertive, not dominating, pleasing, yet not a dishrag.

Though you are generally fun and childlike, you're also very competitive and perhaps pick fights with your partner just for the action and excitement.  You may be accused of being inconsiderate of others as you often do not think about your actions (or inaction) and their effects on those closest to you.  

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Dating Venus in Aries:

While we are all more complex than a single Sign placement, there's plenty to glean from from the Venus position in what feeds your desires.

Aries is impulsive, fun and exciting, and when on a date, you want to share experiences that get your blood pumping.  You don't need to go skydiving, but physical activities that provide opportunities for spontaneous displays of affection are a must. 

Dancing, music festivals, hiking, miniature golf, escape rooms, sports games and the like, help to fulfill those needs to engage physically.  Action and chaos provide ways for you give that spontaneous kiss that you love to spring on someone who gives you the tingles.

Ultimately, you thrive on spontaneity and enjoy being playful, so you want a partner who can embrace that. You want your relationship to remain young and fresh, and you like to take the lead in love, even if your Sun Sign is gentle Pisces. You enjoy having your many whims indulged, and you thrive on competition, even when you're competing with your partner.

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Venus in Aries & Money:

You might not care as much about material possessions as others, but if there's a challenge to be conquered, you'll do whatever it takes to come out on top.

However, this can lead to impulsive spending and financial losses if you're not careful. You're the kind of person who could buy a unicorn just because it looked cool, and then realize a few days later that you have no use for a unicorn.


a picture of Banky's artwork by artificial intelligence.  It is a winged little girl surrounded by rubble.

(A Banksy, by Midjouney AI)

Your preference for Art:

With Venus in Aries, you're attracted to art that is bold, vibrant, playful, and shows action. You're drawn to pieces that make a statement and capture attention with energy and dynamism.

Banksy, the unknown, (yet world-famous) street artist creates the kind of art that inspires your soul.  Even if you don't like Banksy's actual style, you likely enjoy the shocking, satirical and random ways in which he displays his works (mainly on city buildings, usually breaking the law).

Banksy's works show up out of nowhere, even in war-torn Ukraine, and though he no longer sells photographs or reproductions of his street graffiti, his public "installations" are regularly resold, often by removing the wall they were painted on.


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