Moon House 11

The Moon shown within a Astrological House wheel highlighting the 11th House

Moon in the 11th House

a magnifying glass icon Key Phrases:

Socially connected; Nurturing friendships and networks;

Emotionally attuned to group dynamics;

Supportive of collective causes;

Intuitive understanding of community;

Caring for the well-being of others;

Adaptive in social settings;

Responsive to the needs of a team;

Empathetic towards humanitarian ideals


The 11th House is the house of friendships and community, social justice, idealism, and hope. Appropriately, the planetary influences in the Eleventh House reveal our place within and connection to our social circle and the collective at large. On a broader scale, the Eleventh House reveals our individual hopes for humankind and how we view ourselves as driving forces for those possibilities.

With the Moon in your 11th House, your popularity with women often comes naturally. Many of your friends are/will be female. The feeling of belonging to a group increases your feelings of security. If you feel you do not "belong", then negative emotions surface that all have to do with your own need for security.

Humanitarian projects may be important to you as you can develop your nurturing instincts with or for the group. You enjoy working for the good of the group instead of just your own good. You are responsive to the feelings of others.

Concerning vocation: The network of friendships within the work situation is emphasized. Friendship may help get the job, make the job rewarding, and will probably endure after the job is done. A friend's advice about work opportunities or direction is perhaps more important than that of a professional counselor.

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