Moon House 4

The Moon shown within a Astrological House wheel highlighting the 4th House

Moon in the 4th House

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Emotionally sensitive, Nurturing,

Deeply connected to home and family,

Domestic, Caring, Protective, Intuitive,

Fondness for traditions, Sentimental


The Fourth House is the house of home and lineage. Situated at the bottom of the birth chart, it represents our foundation. It is associated with family, ancestry, traditions, the home we come from, and the home we hope to make for ourselves. If any planets are your Fourth House, considerable energy is directed toward family ties and homemaking.

With Moon in the 4th House, there is a strong sense of family and home. A love of antiques perhaps grounds you to your roots. Security is very important to you, and you seem to get that through your foundations, your home and family, and your parents.

Things collected serve as reminders of the past which you maybe try too hard to hold on to. Many changes of residence can occur until you find your personal foundation or roots. One or both parents are extremely influential, and you may depend on them well into your adulthood. Concerning vocation: the emphasis is on the home. Maybe working in your home would be most fulfilling, or maybe you simply need to make your place of work very homey, using photographs, mementos, furniture, etc., to establish the most personal atmosphere. The need during work is for security and comfort.

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