Moon House 2

The Moon shown within a Astrological House wheel highlighting the 2nd House

Moon in the 2nd House

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Emotional, Nurturing, Financially-oriented, Materialistic,

Sensitivity to security, Value-conscious, Attachment to possessions,

Comfort-seeking, Resourceful


The Second House is the house of value and possessions. It relates to creature comforts, hedonistic pleasures, finances, and all that is tangible and in our possession or that which we want in our possession. The Second House indicates how we relate to abundance and lack, and also how we assign value to ourselves and the world around us. On a practical level, the Second House indicates how we earn or could earn money.

With the Moon in the 2nd House, your feelings and emotional well-being are directly connected with your material resources. You want and perhaps need to possess both money and possessions for you to have emotional security at large.

Changes and fluctuations have and will occur in your financial situation. Perhaps you alternate between being thrifty and careless with your money.

Concerning vocation: the emphasis here is on self-worth. You need a work structure that allows public view or access or working with women or the public. Like a pretty piece of jewelry in a department store window, you should be within the public's view while working. This may not entail working with the public directly, however. The more you put your emotions (Moon) on display, the more potential you have for attracting money.

You feel as if you need to be seen while working. Becoming one with your work allows you to identify personally and emotionally with some life purpose, and projecting this to the public at large could be beneficial. Because you so closely identify with your work, your ideas of how successful you are as a person are directly tied to the success you feel in your work environment.


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