Moon House 1

Moon in the 1st House

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Emotional, Intuitive, Impressionable, Responsive,

Changeable, Moody,

Self-conscious, Expressive, Empathetic, Nurturing


The 1st house is the house of "Self."  It is home to our ascendant/rising sign and is associated with self-image, our style of initiating things, and how others notice us in a first impression or superficial setting.  It is the house through which we consciously perceive the world and how it perceives us.  Any planetary placement within the First House will be more pronounced in the individual's personality.

With the Moon in the First House, moodiness and changeability are important keywords for you.  These emotions can bring on much indecisiveness, uncertainty, and insecurity.  Being self-conscious about your appearance can also bring about mood swings.  You are sensitive and perhaps worry too much over what people might think or say about you.  Forget about pleasing everyone (it can't be done) and instead focus on doing your best.  Develop self-confidence and the courage to be different, and don't let it get to you.  

You can be very sensitive to your environment, so do not go to places that might bring up ill feelings or bad memories.  You can be quite restless and impulsive, and your subconscious thoughts often rule your actions which can sometimes be quite unmanageable.  Be less sensitive to the real or imagined slights of the people around you.  Stay positive.  

As you were growing up, your mother might have played a significant role in shaping you. The traits that define your strengths and weaknesses could largely stem from her influence. Her imprint on your life, whether positive or negative, continues to be significant.

Concerning vocation: the emphasis is on your individuality and doing your own thing.  Try to find something that allows you to express your own uniqueness within your work.  Find something that you can really put your heart and soul into.  Without that deep emotional connection, you will simply go through the motions and be unhappy in and with your work.


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