The Sun shown within a Astrological House wheel highlighting the 11th House

Sun in the 11th House

a magnifying glass icon Keywords:

Sociable, Humanitarian, Visionary,

Idealistic, Networker, Progressive,

Community-focused, Goal-oriented, Innovative


The 11th House is the house of friendships and community, social justice, idealism, and hope. Appropriately, the planetary influences in the Eleventh House reveal our place within and connection to our social circle and the collective at large. On a broader scale, the Eleventh House reveals our individual hopes for humankind and how we view ourselves as driving forces for those possibilities.

With the Sun in the 11th House, you easily make friends - many of who are influential and wield power. You enjoy group work and are typically responsible, liberal, and broad-minded. You have organizing ability and probably take the leadership role in group activities or friendly get-togethers.

You are a humanitarian who would rather be popular than powerful. Depending on the Harmony/Discord of your Sun, you either desire to raise goals to a higher level and seek ideas that would benefit the group, or you desire to place your own goals and desires above the wishes of the group.

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