The Sun shown within a Astrological House wheel highlighting the 8th House

Sun in the 8th House

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Intense, Transformative, Perceptive,

Empowered, Mysterious, Resilient,

Investigative, Deep, Regenerative


The Eighth House is ruled by Scorpio and is the house of mental health, transformation, regeneration, death and resurrection, merged assets, "other people's money," money from commissions and royalties, inheritances, sexual taboos, and deep sexual connections.

The Eighth House is ultimately about transformation and the potential that lives in the wake of dissolution.

You may need or get the chance to transform your selfish and self-centered ego through the sharing of your personal resources with others on an equal basis with no strings attached. Perhaps you have the desire to have others take care of you using their personal possessions?

Your emotions are generally stable and usually are never portrayed outwardly. There is a striving for self-improvement and regeneration. Finances are usually steady, and there is the possibility of an inheritance.

With this placement, there is interest in mystical, occult, and psychic realms.

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