Sun House 2

The Sun shown within a Astrological House wheel highlighting the 2nd House

Sun in the 2nd House

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Materialistic, Stable, Resourceful,

Determined, Practical, Persistent,

Self-reliant, Value-oriented, Accumulative


The Second House is the house of value and possessions. It relates to creature comforts, hedonistic pleasures, finances, and all that is tangible and in our possession or that which we want in our possession.

The Second House indicates how we relate to abundance and lack, and also how we assign value to ourselves and the world around us. On a practical level, the Second House indicates how we earn or could earn money.

A desire for power and status through personal possessions, talents, and money most likely consumes your energies. Money comes and goes easily with this placement unless Saturn is harmoniously involved.

You are generous and ambitious but can be extravagant and grasping. You must watch a tendency to be possessive of, or "lord over", people and things. If the Sun is afflicted by aspect (discordant), perhaps you do not feel loved or feel worthy of love.

The Second House, is the House of Value and Possessions.  It represents our approach towards material possessions and personal resources. This can span anything tangible, from the comfort of a plush couch to the size of your bank account.

Yet, the Second House isn't just about material assets. It also mirrors our attitude towards abundance and scarcity. In other words, it represents our relationship with financial prosperity or lack thereof, and it reveals how we evaluate our self-worth in comparison to the world around us. In a more practical sense, it outlines how we generate our income and reveals potential paths for wealth accumulation.

Now, imagine the Sun, a symbol of your ego and core identity, dwelling in your Second House. This placement infuses your sense of self with a strong connection to your material possessions. Your identity becomes intertwined with your assets and financial standing.  

With the Sun in your Second House, you're likely drawn towards acquiring power and recognition through your possessions, talents, and financial success. This desire could become a dominant force in your life, driving your ambitions and decisions. Money seems to have a fluid relationship with you - it comes and goes with ease.

While you exhibit generosity and ambition, there can also be a tendency towards excessiveness and avarice. It's important to be mindful of a potential urge to control or claim ownership over people and objects in your life. 

In addition to these points, the Sun in the Second House often indicates a natural knack for money-making. People with this placement are usually good at attracting wealth and might excel in professions related to finance, asset management, or sales. 

In conclusion, the interplay between the Second House and the Sun offers intriguing insights into the relationship between our material possessions, financial habits, self-worth, and identity. It's a constant reminder of the balancing act between our ambitions and values, and our relationship with wealth and possessions.

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