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A Deep Dive into 8w7

"The Maverick"

Strengths, Weaknesses, Desires,

Compatibility & Love Languages

The Enneagram 8w7 type, also known as

 "The Maverick", combines traits from the Eight and Seven types.

This personality type is driven by a need for control, strength, and independence. The influence of the Seven-wing adds a touch of spontaneity, adventure, and enthusiasm to their overall persona. 

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Enneagram Type 8 with a 7 wing (8w7) possesses a unique set of strengths and weaknesses commonly associated with this type. However, it's important to note that individuals' expression of these traits may vary depending on their level of self-awareness, personal development, and overall psychological well-being.

8w7 Strengths

  • Natural Leadership Skills: 8w7s possess strong leadership qualities. They are confident, assertive, and have a natural ability to take charge and make decisions.
  • Confidence and Resilience: They are self-assured and exhibit resilience in the face of challenges. Their strong sense of self-worth allows them to overcome obstacles and bounce back from setbacks.
  • Adventurous and Energetic: The influence of the 7 wing makes 8w7s adventurous and full of energy. They embrace new experiences, seek thrills, and enjoy exploring different possibilities.
  • Decisive and Action-Oriented: 8w7s are known for their ability to make swift decisions and take action. They have a pragmatic approach to problem-solving and are not afraid to take risks.


8w7 Weaknesses

  • Tendency for Dominance: 8w7s can sometimes exhibit a strong need for control and dominance. They may overpower others or overlook different perspectives, which can strain relationships.
  • Impatience and Restlessness: The influence of the 7 wing can lead to impatience and a constant need for stimulation. They may struggle with staying focused and easily get bored or distracted.
  • Difficulty with Vulnerability: 8w7s often find it challenging to show vulnerability and rely on others. They prefer to maintain an image of strength and independence, which can hinder deeper emotional connections.
  • Intolerance for Weakness: They have little patience for perceived weakness or vulnerability in themselves or others. This can lead to dismissive or confrontational behavior when faced with vulnerability.

Understanding these traits can help 8w7 individuals on their path of self-discovery and personal growth. By harnessing their strengths and addressing their weaknesses, they can cultivate a more balanced and fulfilling life.

8w7 Basic Desires and Fears

The primary desire of an 8w7, like the core Eight, is asserting control and power. They have a strong urge to be independent and self-reliant, seeking to influence their environment and make an impact. This drive often motivates their actions and decisions as they strive to assert their dominance and achieve success in their endeavors.

However, the addition of the Seven-wing introduces a unique dynamic to this desire. 8w7s don't just seek control; they also crave excitement, stimulation, and adventure. They have a thirst for new experiences and a fearless approach to life. This combination of assertiveness and spontaneity sets them apart.

On the other hand, the fundamental fear of an 8w7 personality type is the fear of being controlled or limited. They dread the thought of being vulnerable, dependent, or subject to others' authority. They also fear missing out on opportunities and experiences due to restrictions. This fear often stems from their deep-rooted need for independence and autonomy.

The Seven-wing adds another layer to this fear. While the Eight fears vulnerability, the Seven fears being trapped or confined. So, an 8w7 might have an underlying fear of losing their freedom and missing out on the diverse possibilities that life has to offer.

Understanding these basic desires and fears of the 8w7 personality type can offer valuable insights into their motivations, behaviors, and interactions with the world. It can serve as a foundation for personal growth and improved self-understanding. 

Our Top 5 Compatibility

Recommendations for 8w7's

Remember, these recommendations are general and based on typical type characteristics. In real life, personal growth, mutual respect, communication skills, shared interests, and emotional maturity play significant roles in the success of any relationship. Compatibility can certainly exist between any types of the Enneagram.

Type 2w3 (The Host): Type 2w3's are caring, outgoing, and enthusiastic, which pairs well with the 8w7's assertive nature. The 2w3's desire to be helpful and achieve success can align with the 8w7's drive for influence and accomplishment.

Type 3w2 (The Achiever): Type 3w2's are ambitious, charming, and social, making them compatible with the 8w7's desire for success and influence. Both types value accomplishments and recognition, creating a shared drive for achievement.

Type 7w6 (The Entertainer): The 7w6's enthusiastic and playful nature complements the 8w7's desire for excitement and adventure. They can provide each other with an engaging and lively relationship, embracing new experiences together.

Type 9w8 (The Referee): This pairing brings together the assertiveness of the 8w7 and the calm presence of the 9w8. The 9w8's ability to provide stability and support can complement the 8w7's drive and help create a balanced dynamic.

Type 5w6 (The Problem Solver): This type's analytical and insightful nature can appeal to the 8w7's desire for knowledge and understanding. The 5w6's thoughtfulness and loyalty can provide a sense of security and intellectual stimulation in the relationship.


8w7's Love Languages

Love Languages are unique ways in which individuals express and receive love. They help us understand how we connect on an emotional level and they can greatly influence our interpersonal relationships.

The concept encompasses five main categories: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch.

By understanding these languages, we can communicate love more effectively and create stronger bonds with those around us.

Derived from common characteristics and tendencies typically associated with 8w7s, here are the top 3 love languages that likely resonate with a person having Enneagram Type 8w7.



Words of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation can strongly resonate with the 8w7 Enneagram Type.

As an assertive and self-confident type, they appreciate verbal recognition and praise from their loved ones.

Hearing words of encouragement, admiration, and support can fuel their drive and make them feel valued. These affirmations reinforce their confidence and contribute to the bond they have with others.


Acts of Service

Acts of Service can be particularly meaningful for 8w7 individuals.

Offering practical assistance and support, such as helping with tasks, problem-solving, or taking care of responsibilities, shows them that you're reliable and dependable.

By taking action and supporting their goals, you demonstrate your commitment to their well-being and strengthen the bond you share with them.


Physical Touch

Physical Touch is a love language that can also resonate with the 8w7 Enneagram Type. Although they can be independent and assertive, they have a need for physical closeness and affection.

Touch, such as hugs, playful gestures, or passionate intimacy, can make them feel connected, desired, and loved.

Physical touch serves as a powerful way to express emotions and strengthen the bond with this Enneagram type.  


Famous People with 8w7 Personality

Famous 8w7 personalities include Muhammad Ali, Madonna, and Elon Musk, showcasing the dynamic and bold traits within this personality type.

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